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This is what happens when you can not eat your garden cauliflower fast enough. It still taste the same (maybe better!) as it does when the heads are very tight. Tender and sweet.
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 04 2013 06:04 GMT Labkhand
when a person is hungry all foods look tender and sweet
Feb 04 2013 12:41 GMT bandsix
I like the way the stalks on the right have developed sinuous curves...probably following the sun...looks more floral now than edible, but I am sure they are still as delicious as you say:))
Feb 04 2013 14:28 GMT larrybenedict
Barbara, I think they actually have more flavor. The 'sinuous' curvy stalks are very tender....not so much sinuous as sensual :-))
Feb 04 2013 14:42 GMT wijnie58
Funny shot of your cauliflower, Larry..:-))
Feb 05 2013 01:40 GMT potterjo
Made for a lovely flower shot.
Feb 05 2013 03:10 GMT fhelsing PRO
Those stalks still look delicious!
Feb 05 2013 08:20 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
I like the way you make us see the beauty in vegetables, Larry. This cauliflower could almost be a bridal bouquet!
Feb 05 2013 22:18 GMT Bellavista
Beautiful! looks like an Ikebana... should be nice in a vase too!
Feb 05 2013 23:10 GMT larrybenedict
Labkhand, this food IS tender and sweet....even when I am not hungry. :-)
Feb 05 2013 23:11 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks Jo. I like unusual stuff.
Feb 05 2013 23:12 GMT larrybenedict
They are Fleur. The stalks are sweeter than the heads.
Feb 05 2013 23:18 GMT larrybenedict
I think you have a point concerning a bouquet. Since I like the stalks just as much as the flower heads, it is OK with me to not worry about harvesting everything at once. Very few chilly nights and lots of warm days all winter have made my broccoli and cauliflower mature faster than I expected. Even the second comings of the broccoli are bursting into bloom already. Wish everyone could have a garden.
Feb 07 2013 07:30 GMT senna3
To be honest, for me cauliflower needs a lot of spices to make it enjoyable, but as compensation, on a photo it looks tempting!
Feb 08 2013 00:14 GMT larrybenedict
What kind of spices Peter?
I had some raw, dipped in Ranch Dressing, for dinner tonight. It is real good with a honey mustard dressing too!
To be honest with you also, I eat a few things for my health that are not my favorite dishes.
Feb 08 2013 07:32 GMT 25barb
If one does not like cauliflower, seeing this grand photo would entice them to try it and like it. ha ha Well photographed and lovely lighting and details...
Feb 08 2013 08:04 GMT senna3
Aly uses cauliflower in vegetables curries. With a strong cheese sauce cauliflower becomes more tasty too!
Feb 08 2013 20:24 GMT Bellavista
I know nice recipes as well! :-) shall I write some?
Feb 09 2013 00:30 GMT larrybenedict
Absolutely Bea!!!!!!!!!!! I've been wondering about Aly's vegetable curry, but Peter didn't include the recipe. His "strong cheese" suggestion sounds good though.
Feb 10 2013 09:43 GMT Pea2007
My Favourite.
Feb 10 2013 22:15 GMT Bellavista
Larry, I sent you the recipes by email today.
Feb 11 2013 00:44 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Bea. I don't think I got it, but I will look. Perhaps it went in my spam folder automatically. I'll check that too.
Feb 13 2013 00:34 GMT gtc126
Beaujtiful Capture, but I hate cauliflower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!