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Tags fractal


What could this be?
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 09 2008 04:16 GMT Poulet PRO
The princess!!!
Gorgeous work, Larry!
Nov 09 2008 04:25 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks Poulet. Good first impression.
Nov 09 2008 04:38 GMT Londi PRO
It's beautiful Larry! Almost has an opalescent effect-it could be anything you want it to be, kind of like looking at clouds! It's ART!
Nov 09 2008 04:44 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks Londi.
Nov 09 2008 04:53 GMT martini957
I say it is a key hole to Jesus...life formation seems to be the the cut of the key
Nov 09 2008 07:26 GMT Kaska
a mask... :)
Nov 09 2008 08:29 GMT lynnj04
A septa its very beautiful :-))
Nov 09 2008 16:59 GMT ETS2
My first thought is: someone hiding behind a mask!!
Nov 09 2008 17:18 GMT jceca PRO
teddy bear :-))
Nov 09 2008 18:46 GMT megmet PRO
Looked like a beautiful jewel at first sight, then I saw eyes behind a mask.

Lovely work Larry!
Nov 09 2008 21:50 GMT larrybenedict
Yes Mirka, we are on the same wavelength I think, 'Mask'
Nov 09 2008 21:52 GMT larrybenedict
I see your 'Teddy Bear' in the background Svetlana.
Nov 09 2008 22:03 GMT Kaska
Nov 10 2008 14:44 GMT otilia
F A N T A S T I C           
Nov 10 2008 16:37 GMT senna3
I see a richly decorated staff.
Nov 11 2008 00:12 GMT larrybenedict
Me too Peter, now that you mention it.
Nov 11 2008 01:19 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you very much Otilia. Usted parece a desaparecer por un perodo de tiempo no hace mucho tiempo. Dnde ir?
Nov 11 2008 01:20 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Lynn
Nov 16 2008 03:47 GMT iyerhari
Nov 21 2008 07:45 GMT marijke06
royal :)
Nov 25 2008 11:35 GMT twsottawan PRO
This image looks too similar to the "Mace" that the Houses of Parliament (that are derived from the British political tradition) have as a symbol of political authority. It seems improbable that a random mathematical process could produce such a likeness. Is it in fact random (the fractals).
Jan 06 2009 14:15 GMT abojovna PRO
Love it!
Apr 06 2009 21:02 GMT marioalbertina
Necklace ! ?
Congratulations to the whole series! Great work!
Sep 16 2009 06:40 GMT marioalbertina
beautiful ! !
What means "fractal" ?
Sep 17 2009 00:19 GMT larrybenedict
Mario, this is a mathematical fractal...an image created with specific software with algebraic formulas. This fragment is only a small part of the whole image. I used Tierazon, version 29 to generate this. You can use "google" to find the software. It was a free download two years ago. I do not know if it is still available.