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I'm calling this "Más Verde". Walking through the woods/yard/garden two or three days ago, I noticed ferns growing on the trunk/base of this old Gum Tree that I had not noticed before all the rain gave everything in the plant kingdom a big drink of water. The moss was so green and pretty. Of course a photograph can not capture nature in all its glory. The fern is growing on the North side of the tree and you can see that moss also grows on the West side too.....disproving the old tale that moss always grows on the north side of things (rocks, trees, hillsides, etc.)
Look closely in the leaves and pine needles and you can see where an Armadillo was digging for Earthworms the night before.
I like this photo in the largest size because I like looking at things with big magnifing glasses. Even though this is not a Macro photo, you can see things in the photo that you will miss in the "Big Picture". Leaves and sticks and the Moss Forest up close...fern leaves too! OK, I confess that I'm a little Nutty and childlike sometimes.
In the words of Elizabeth Barrett Browning; "The Earth is crammed with Heaven and every common bush is alive with God, but only those who see take off their shoes."
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 27 2013 17:15 GMT Bigbear10
A wonderful capture Larry, so much detail.
Feb 27 2013 17:16 GMT Petermosull
More green indeed, well worth looking at in full size, so much fine detail, a great image
Feb 27 2013 17:33 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Toni
Feb 27 2013 17:37 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks Peter.......guess you are pretty familiar with 'Mas Verde'/níos mó glas. I've never been to Ireland, but the pictures I've seen are the 'Tuath an-glas.'
Feb 27 2013 18:01 GMT Petermosull
Thanks Larry, Irelnd is very green indeed, in the summer, esp. July and August moss and ferns in woodland areas create a carpet of green that has so many shades and tones
Feb 27 2013 18:30 GMT saffi9
i think theres a big kid in all of us larry , nice capture great write up
Feb 27 2013 18:33 GMT bandsix
Dave's right...a big kid, or even a little kid (!) and this moss is very beautiful. The image seen in large size is as sharp as a tack - great photo...and Elizabeth Barrett Browning knew what she was about, too:))
Feb 27 2013 21:24 GMT wijnie58
Lovely capture, Larry..:-))
Feb 27 2013 22:41 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks Dave. Lots of children on this site for sure. Thank God for that!! :-))
Feb 27 2013 22:48 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Barbie girl. I'm a moss lover for sure! Liz Browning had her act together for sure....she actually signed the poem E.B. Browning because at the time of writing this, what women had to say was generally ignored. I put quotation marks on the quote, but I'm not sure I got it exactly right, since I wrote it down from memory. Poetry is unique in that each person who reads will interpret the meaning a little differently.
Feb 28 2013 02:44 GMT potterjo
Lovely image and quote!
Feb 28 2013 03:08 GMT fhelsing PRO
such rich and lush textures!
Feb 28 2013 03:25 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Jo.
Feb 28 2013 03:28 GMT larrybenedict
Fleur, obviously, you are a visual person as I imagine most of us here are.