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Guess everyone is tired of looking at my photo of turkeys. I've been raising baby ducks for a month or more and finally let them loose in my small pond yesterday. Still fairly small (look at their tiny wings), I feared I might lose at least one to a family of owls last night, but I still had eight of them this morning (Yea!). I shot this photo this afternoon....they were on the pond bank preening themselves after some playtime in the water. I was unable to herd them back into their protective enclosure late this afternoon, so I have my fingers crossed that they can hide from the owls again tonight.
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 17 2009 03:56 GMT yellowgirl
very cute!
Feb 17 2009 06:58 GMT sini
Lovely capture!:)
Feb 17 2009 07:00 GMT corainna
so sweet!!
Feb 17 2009 11:20 GMT senna3
Great Duch Scene, excellent photo!
Feb 17 2009 12:33 GMT Cooler PRO
Wonderful capture my friend ;-)))
Feb 17 2009 14:34 GMT sayalio
Sweet buddies indeed! Hope the owls will get another stuff for meal!
Feb 17 2009 20:10 GMT WJK
Great shot !!!
Feb 18 2009 08:19 GMT LizSA
thankyou to protective Larry... they can see another sunrise...
will be interesting to see how they grow....!!
Feb 18 2009 20:47 GMT 5DMKII
Owl ? I should like to see that one ;)
Feb 19 2009 04:39 GMT martini957
Wonderful....I sure hope the owl doesn't get ANY of them
Feb 20 2009 06:23 GMT Londi PRO
Oh, I hope they're ok Larry! They're such funny pets! Be careful not to leave doors open as they'll eventually become so tame they'll follow you into your home :) That's what happened to me years ago...not actually a good thing either!! 'specially if you have carpet...
Feb 21 2009 00:21 GMT larrybenedict
Not too worry Londi. They've been free to roam for almost a week now and no problems from the owls. I don't want them to become overly tame....just wanted ducks on the water other than the wild ones that fly away at the first site of me.
Feb 24 2009 16:21 GMT jenylew
They're so sweet...all cozy in the sun! Bet they're getting big!
Feb 24 2009 20:52 GMT larrybenedict
Yep!, they are Jenny. I've never raised ducks before and I'm amazed at how fast they grow. These eight are eating about 30-40 pounds of feed per week and they are foraging as well.