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Blueberry blossoms.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 28 2013 18:13 GMT senna3
Most beautiful and nice framing!
Jan 28 2013 18:31 GMT Bellavista
nice, I like blueberries but never have seen the blossoms before!
Jan 28 2013 18:39 GMT Foggydew
Very well presented!
Jan 28 2013 18:46 GMT bandsix
Shaping up nicely to be my favourite fruit!! (Well, one of them....I like most of them)
Jan 28 2013 18:59 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
This is beautiful, Larry. I'm afraid I've only ever seen blueberries in punnets in the shops!
Jan 28 2013 20:02 GMT junne PRO
perfect close up and also very artistic presentation
Jan 28 2013 22:20 GMT julie13
So this is how they start, I buy these for my Bearded Dragons and I would love to grow them,.so there more vitamin content like the veg and weeds they eat.
Jan 29 2013 00:09 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Peter. A little early morning frost made last years leaves a nice color.
Jan 29 2013 00:11 GMT larrybenedict
Bea, they remind me of the 'Blue Belles' in your part of the world.....the photos that I have seen.
Jan 29 2013 00:11 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks Foggy
Jan 29 2013 00:14 GMT larrybenedict
Barbara, I always associate you with Blueberries, so I'll think of you every day for the next 4 months. I like the blooms, and I can't wait until I can start eating fresh berries again. I'm thinking that I'll have to wait at least another month.
Jan 29 2013 00:18 GMT larrybenedict
Sylvia, if you have room for a big pot, you can grow your own. I only have 5 bushes (still in really big pots) of different varieties which will provide berries daily for more than 3 months. You will have to get the kind that grow in your climate!
Jan 29 2013 00:24 GMT larrybenedict
Julie, they grow pretty fast after the first year....easy! Just "google" the varieties that grow well in your climate. When I planted mine 3 or 4 years ago, they were just tiny little sticks (got them mail-order) about 15-20 cm. long. Now they are bushes 4½ meters tall. You will get some berries the second year, and lots of berries thereafter.
Jan 29 2013 00:30 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks Günter. I turned off the image stabilization and put the little camera on a tripod to get a sharper image. My hand held shots from the day before were a little fuzzy.
Jan 29 2013 00:45 GMT potterjo
Already? Great image.
Jan 29 2013 09:14 GMT skyball
That makes a lovely shot Larry!!..nice one!!!!!.....
Jan 29 2013 14:58 GMT wijnie58
Wonderful blossom and a fantastic framing too, Larry..:-))
Jan 29 2013 22:19 GMT Bellavista
and very similar with Convallaria majalis!!! but it is very toxic!!
Jan 30 2013 00:43 GMT larrybenedict
Jo, only two of the five varieties I have are in bloom. They are still in large tubs, so not too many to move under the carport if the temps get down around freezing as forecast for Thursday night. Crossing my fingers!
Jan 30 2013 00:43 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks Geoff
Jan 30 2013 00:45 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Wijnie. "Borders" in Picasa3 supplied the framing.
Jan 30 2013 00:50 GMT larrybenedict
Bea, I guess they are similar to the "Lily of The Valley" flowers. Didn't know they were toxic!
Jan 30 2013 10:35 GMT sini
Jan 30 2013 22:02 GMT 25barb
Great photo...Super lighting...colors and backgound...
Wonderful framing. There used to be a blueberry farm near me...but no longer but there is some in driving distance. Love blueberries.
Jan 31 2013 17:31 GMT peterpinhole
Excellent presentation of these wonderful blossoms.
Feb 01 2013 00:02 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Peter. Shooting a photo takes less than a second, but framing them provides the real fun and for me can take 5 or 10 minutes....or more!
Feb 13 2013 00:37 GMT gtc126
Beautifully Captured!!!! I love blueberries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Send me some, forget the cauliflower!!!!