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The biological clock for this variety of mushroom went off this past week. I've seen them in clusters all of town. I ran this photo through some software to highlight the shadows and highlights and add a bit of noise as well.. Just to make an otherwize bla picture a little more interesting.
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 22 2008 04:47 GMT sini
Nice image! Much mushrooms around here too thanks to all the rain!:)
Aug 22 2008 11:57 GMT Cooler PRO
Wonderful work here Larry, it's mushroom season here too ;-)))
Aug 22 2008 12:00 GMT sayalio
Great job You did, Larry! Impressive image! *Waiting for the mushrooms here*
Aug 22 2008 14:21 GMT potterjo
nice .... lots are starting to pop here, Aug is usually hot and dry here so they are a pleasent surprise....

The 8080 is great for macros, but doesn't have enough telephoto to do birds and wildlife, I haven't been able to get landscapes that i am happy with, may be the person behind the camera : ) It does a good job on the pots too, which is what I bought it for. Would like to get another camera with more zoom.
Aug 22 2008 16:24 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Sini. I remember last year when so many people posted hundreds of pic's of mushrooms of many varieties...some, very pretty.
Aug 22 2008 16:26 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Binni. We are getting some rain from a tropical storm today and tomorrow, so I expect many more to pop up.
Aug 22 2008 16:33 GMT iyerhari
a great pic.!
Aug 22 2008 16:41 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks Iyer
Aug 22 2008 16:45 GMT SaoPaulo
interestinf img&explanation!
Aug 22 2008 16:49 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Sao Paulo.
Aug 22 2008 19:50 GMT Lusofona
great work!! A imagem ficou muito bonita!
Aug 24 2008 02:16 GMT martini957
awesome show.
Aug 30 2008 04:47 GMT karlbark
Looks cool :-)

Best regards,
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Aug 30 2008 16:37 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks Karl
Aug 31 2008 03:27 GMT hbla PRO
mushrooms are really so fascinating. I was walking up the yard one evening looking at the teeny tiny puff balls...next day they were BIG puff balls!
Aug 31 2008 03:32 GMT larrybenedict
Yep...they grow really fast....and 'go' almost as fast. Wish I knew which ones are edible.
Aug 31 2008 16:39 GMT hbla PRO
probably the ugliest is the most edible and the prettiest the most poison... hmmmm ;)
Sep 01 2008 05:26 GMT senna3
Great result Larry, outstanding fungus photo!
Sep 02 2008 01:20 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Peter
Sep 10 2008 16:33 GMT yvon
this is a fantastic picture a lot to see!!!! The next one!!!!!
Sep 11 2008 01:03 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks Yvon. Yes, there is a lot to see.
Sep 18 2008 13:51 GMT LizSA
beautiful with the added texture /colour......
such a nobel plant..!!
I see the white ones springing up around here..!!
Sep 22 2008 05:53 GMT marijke06
interesting shot....:)
nice work!
Sep 22 2008 06:01 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Marijke.
Sep 22 2008 14:53 GMT Poulet PRO
Wonderful image, Larry!!
Sep 22 2008 17:04 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Pou.
Sep 25 2008 07:51 GMT senna3
Great fungus photo, wonderful specimen!
I hope to find time today to explore the Spanderswoud for fungi.
Sep 25 2008 17:44 GMT larrybenedict
I hope you do Peter. last year you were able to capture a very wide variety of mushrooms.