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Earlier today.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 13 2009 06:13 GMT Kaska
this is the flowering cherry, isn't it?
looking so pretty ...
Jan 13 2009 07:11 GMT darya4
what a capture.................
Jan 13 2009 07:20 GMT sini
Lovely colour and shot!:)
Jan 13 2009 12:28 GMT lynnj04
Beautiful colour and capture :-))
Jan 13 2009 13:59 GMT senna3
Very beautiful Larry!
This is on your property?
Jan 14 2009 03:20 GMT larrybenedict
Yes, I think so Mirka. The tree was here when I purchased the property 14 yrs. ago. I've only seen one other in my small town (city) and I was told that it was a Vietnamese Cherry tree. Gotta call it something I guess! It's blooming a month early.
Jan 14 2009 03:21 GMT larrybenedict
I used my big camera for this shot Sini. Although the blooms are past prime, they are still colorful.
Jan 14 2009 03:26 GMT martini957
Jan 14 2009 03:30 GMT larrybenedict
Yes, Peter. This is the most "showy" thing in bloom right now, although there are several large Camilia bushes (look more like trees) in reds and whites....and some roses too, but they bloom year round.
Jan 14 2009 09:56 GMT Kaska
Roses that bloom year round... wow... I think I'd like that :)
Jan 14 2009 14:17 GMT Cooler PRO
Beautiful image and bloom ;-)))
Jan 14 2009 16:38 GMT jceca PRO
gorgeous !!
Jan 14 2009 16:40 GMT Sterretje
adorable old pink :o)
I don' t find a lot of flowers here though, this time of the year ...
but crocusses and snowdrops should definitely come our way ! :o)
Jan 14 2009 21:38 GMT bennystr
Another beauty!
Jan 15 2009 00:00 GMT megmet PRO
What a beauty!

I've not seen them here, but we now have the almond trees in bloom, the buds on my camelia are opening out, and just like you our roses bloom all year round.
After the rain we just had the hills look like it's spring already as the wild flowers are everywhere......
Did I say how much I love living here? ;-))
Jan 15 2009 02:48 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks for the visit Mirka. Yes, you would like the roses that bloom year round....doesn't everyone! It's the temperate climate I guess. We are supposed to have a "hard freeze" here Saturday night...first one this year. The weather people here declare a hard freeze, one where the temperature stays below the freezing temperature for more than four hours. (I think) For me, it means no bananas this year!.
Jan 15 2009 02:48 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Binni
Jan 15 2009 02:55 GMT larrybenedict
Not cold enough for crocus here Rakhee, but I do have the 'snowdrops' that bloom in February.
Jan 15 2009 04:09 GMT potterjo
Beautiful picture of the colorful flowers....suppose to be 12 degrees tonight , in the twenties tomorrow and then down to 6...think the dogs will have to wait for their walk fri morning.... : )
Jan 15 2009 13:38 GMT otilia
una belleza, Larry¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Jan 15 2009 16:02 GMT Milibuh
So glad to see your shots again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 15 2009 17:30 GMT ETS2
Sob, sob, sob,, crying!!!!! Can you hear it? :) You have roses in bloom all year round, crocus, cherry blossom tree, camelia... I envy you and all the othersll! Here we still have to wait at least about 3-4 months to see the first crocus!! Right now the temperture is -23 C, I think thats -9,4 F. Then its nice to look at the photo of your beautiful tree and dream about spring! No more crying! lol
Jan 16 2009 03:32 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks Jo. The cold air is here as well. Only 43 degrees right now and by Sunday, we may have had two nights dip below freezing. I like to have a few nights a year below 32 degrees. We do not get very many.
Jan 19 2009 18:09 GMT gtc126
Feb 04 2009 09:51 GMT Sarahphotos
Great colours Larry!!
Feb 05 2009 02:59 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Sarah
Feb 05 2009 15:16 GMT Minz PRO
Soooo lovely !
Feb 05 2009 15:56 GMT abojovna PRO
Wonderful bloosom tree!
Feb 06 2009 00:05 GMT larrybenedict
Yes it is Claudia. I enjoy it so much every year. It is the first thing to bloom in the spring season....usually February, but it was a month early this year.
Feb 17 2009 20:11 GMT WJK
Beautiful !!!
Feb 20 2009 23:03 GMT caferr
so beautiful...