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Just something in the vegetable garden. I tied up the leaves around the cauliflower heads today to keep them from turning purple, which it will do if too much sunshine gets on it. Perhaps a purple cauliflower head would photograph better than white... might have more phytochemicals in it too.
I like these steamed with a cheese sauce. Sometimes I just cook in the microwave because it is faster. I don't actually know if microwaving food changes the nutritional component of food or not. Some say yes. Some say no. Who knows!!!!!!!! Taste the same to me.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 13 2013 03:12 GMT potterjo
Beautiful! Try the Cheddar variety, They are orange, don't have to bother with tying the leaves and they are delicious.
Jan 13 2013 04:01 GMT mellie
This tastes delicious; I also make it in the microwave and put on a bit of olive oil & garlic.
Jan 13 2013 08:06 GMT senna3
It is a beautiful image, should go into a recipy book!
Jan 13 2013 08:50 GMT junne PRO
larry, you are a master gardener. this cauliflower looks so unblemished and perfect, i would love to cook it right now. i usually just steam it for three minutes. then all the vitamins and phytochemicals are intact. my mother used to kill all vegetables :-))) but that was part of the culture.
Jan 14 2013 01:00 GMT fhelsing PRO
I like cauliflower with cheese sauce, too. I'll bet that the ones that you grow taste especially good!
Jan 14 2013 16:20 GMT larrybenedict
Good idea Jo. I guess the cheddar variety taste about the same? Will have to wait until next Winter. Already Spring-like weather here in N. Florida.
Jan 14 2013 16:21 GMT larrybenedict
Mellie, that sounds good too. I will try it.
Jan 14 2013 16:30 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks Peter. I rarely leave the sanctuary of my yard (garden), so I'm always looking for something new to photograph.
Jan 14 2013 16:43 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you G√ľnter. I have been gardening for years (40) and have attended some "Master Gardner" classes at the University of Florida. It turns out that those classes were geared more toward the use of chemicals in gardening, and that doesn't interest me very much.
You are correct in saying that the culture we grew up in was one of overcooked vegetables. My mother did the same thing. My Dad wouldn't eat anything green except green beans...by the time my Mom had cooked them to the point where he would eat them, there was no nutritional value left in them. Guess the fiber had some value in his diet of meat and potatoes! I prefer my vegetables cooked "Al dente" or not at all.
Jan 14 2013 16:45 GMT larrybenedict
Fluer, I hope they as good as I imagine. I haven't grown Cauliflower in years. The broccoli this year (and last) was very sweet.
Jan 14 2013 16:53 GMT marijke06
great work larry!
Jan 14 2013 17:01 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Marijke.
Jan 16 2013 20:30 GMT bandsix
another fan here of cauliflower cheese...which we were going to have with veggie sausage last night, but one way and another it didn't happen...this looks a real beauty!
Jan 17 2013 00:26 GMT larrybenedict
Barbara, as of today, it has doubled in size. Time to sharpen my harvest knife.
Jan 17 2013 02:08 GMT potterjo
About the same taste, freezes well and has more beta carotene.