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A few frames back, I posted a photo of Navel Orange tree flower buds. All the various Citrus blooms look pretty much the same to me except for the Meyer Lemon. As you can see, The flower buds have a lot of purple/violet color on the back side of the petals and the buds seem to get bigger before the flower opens. For the curious among you, here is the "low down" on the Meyer Lemon: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meyer_lemon
The Meyer lemon does pretty well in pots, although my grandson and I finally got around to planting it last year. The thorns on this tree, at just about every cluster of leaves, are long and sharp...seriously long and seriously sharp!
Can you find the little bugs/insects (probably ants) in this photo? They were just a bonus feature; I didn't even see them when I shot the photo.
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 28 2013 18:49 GMT bandsix
These are even more lovely now, with the flush of pink and yellow! And yes, I can see the ants...amazing what we see after the event:))
Feb 28 2013 18:50 GMT bandsix
and Chez Panisse sounds a good place to eat:)
Feb 28 2013 19:41 GMT wijnie58
Wonderful, Larry...I agree with Barbara..:-))
Feb 28 2013 20:23 GMT larrybenedict
Barbara, are you speaking of the restaurant in Berkeley, California? Did I not read all the Wiki information??? Maybe they use Meyer lemons in their iced tea or something? Sounds like a good idea....they make great lemonaide and lemon pies.
Feb 28 2013 20:23 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks to Barbara and Wijnie for the nice comments.
Mar 01 2013 02:57 GMT potterjo
Lovely shot hope it gives you lots of lemons.
Mar 01 2013 13:55 GMT larrybenedict
Jo, I'm sure it will. Even in just a couple of hours of sunlight per day. the Meyer lemon produces lots of fruit. I'll have to prune some of the fruit early on so that limbs don't break under the heavy load. You could grow the Meyer lemon in a pot and take it in the house in the winter. Want me to save you some seeds? :-)
Mar 04 2013 10:15 GMT linnywv PRO
What a lovely shot! It reminds me of those old English prints. A pretty flower with subtle colors.
Mar 04 2013 12:47 GMT Bellavista
I bet it smells wonderful!
What a pity I never will smell it in life.
Nice photo otherwise Larry, I see it is with your DSRL camera.
Do you like your S40? Or are there something which you don't like on it?
Mar 04 2013 17:09 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Linny.
Mar 04 2013 17:15 GMT larrybenedict
Bea, I have several cameras. I gave away my only DSLR (Canon 60D) to my son-in-law because I get just as good results with point and shoot cameras in good light. The 60D was great for indoor shots in poor light, but I rarely shoot indoor things or people. I used a Panasonic for this shot. It is a point and shoot type camera. I like the SX-40 OK, but I just happened to pick up the Panasonic for this. Either camera would have been OK.
Mar 04 2013 17:26 GMT annieann PRO
excellent work again larry
Mar 04 2013 18:55 GMT u40
Mar 04 2013 23:43 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Annie
Mar 05 2013 05:32 GMT Annamaria
Lovely flowerseries!
Mar 20 2013 05:13 GMT pauli3522
i can smell this lemon flowers
Mar 20 2013 05:22 GMT larrybenedict
They are very sweet smelling Paulina. Do you grow Citrus in Equador??
Mar 20 2013 06:33 GMT pauli3522
yes..i have 3 lemon trees in my garden...