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Another camera phone photo.......this is one of my garden boxes that has been invaded by tree roots. As you can see, I'm in the process of removing the soil (down to ground level) and the roots. This particular box is 8 feet (approx. 2.5 meters) flat side to flat side. The brackets on the sides are for attaching ribs when I want to make a "greenhouse" out of the box.
You can see my composting operation in the background at the edge of the trees. I shred leaves and pine straw (when I find time) and mix them with manure in the green composting drum and turn it a few times each day for three weeks to allow the mix to go through a "heat" and then I feed the finished compost to my red-worms.
Red-worms are very hungry little animals, so they make a lot of organic fertilizer for me to mix with the soil. Red-worms are somewhat different than earthworms in that they are top-feeders and have a more voracious appetite.
I have to garden in raised boxes to keep Armadillos from digging up my garden to get to the to their favorite food... worms. Armadillos are a recent invasion of the past 10 or 12 years here in N. Florida.
Guess I told you more than you might want to know about this simple photo, but as my FT friends know by now, I am a very curious fellow myself....so I tell you as succinctly as I can about the subject of my photo. Whew!!!
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 08 2009 01:26 GMT LizSA
very interesting..... Larry.... thankyou for the information.... I am facinated by the red-worms....
furthermore I am curious about the Armadillos..... one accosiate them with the
western side of America....:-) maybe the wetlands attract them... all those snakes..
and further more ... i see your shadow......:)
you have a lovely large land for gardening.....!!!
Jan 08 2009 02:10 GMT jenylew
And it's the information that keeps us coming back!
I had no idea you had armadillos in your neck of the woods!

I am just loving the fact that someone is actually gardening at this point in time. My 15 inches of snow arrived today! Wahoo!
Jan 08 2009 02:20 GMT martini957
Wow those are some long roots...I wonder if they belong to that big tree in the upper right of this shot...tree roots are so amazing.....now you have me wanting to read up on Armadillos' recent invasion...that is very interesting....pretty smart about the red-worms too
Jan 08 2009 04:01 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks for the visit and commentary Liz. I've always liked organic gardening, and worms are the fertilizer makers.. It's not so much the fresh veggies I get, as much as the smell of rich dirt, that I like about organic gardening. The Armadillos migrated here from the West......Louisana, I suppose.... Of course, I wonder why!!!!
Jan 08 2009 04:12 GMT larrybenedict

Wonderful to have you stop for a visit Jen. I actually saw 13 inches of snow once....it was in Memphis, Tennesse in 1969. Don't want to experience that again......oh, it's wonderful as a visual treat, but makes for difficult driving conditions.
Jan 08 2009 04:18 GMT larrybenedict
Nancy, you don't have Armadillos in S. Carolina yet? Notice I said "yet!" BTW, the really long thing coming out of the box is part of a "drip irragation" hose.
Jan 08 2009 05:04 GMT Londi PRO
Armadillos?! I am surprised!

I am jealous that you are already gardening! We have a major flood warning here tonight with I 5 closed! Crazy weather. Maybe need to move to warmer...higher...and better gardening grounds :+)
Jan 08 2009 05:30 GMT larrybenedict
I garden year-round Londi. Weather is alway nice. Sorry you guys are getting too much of a good thing.
Jan 08 2009 13:18 GMT marijke06
this is one of your garden boxes that has been invaded by tree roots....and almost invaded by your head :))
Jan 08 2009 19:34 GMT lynnj04
I'm glad you explained this picture because i wouldn't of had an idea what it was :-))
Jan 08 2009 20:18 GMT larrybenedict
Yes Marijke....this was late afternoon and I had my back to the sun and my shadow invaded the photo. I originally had no intention of posting this photo....was just practicing with the camera phone (a present I gave myself this holiday season). I just love a new toy!!!!! Actually, I never intended to post any of my camera phone photos.
Jan 08 2009 20:20 GMT larrybenedict
I know exactly what you mean Lynnj. Who would?
Jan 10 2009 03:01 GMT rainbow71
Your new "toy" takes some great photos.

We don't get armadillos here.

The problem with my garden is at the moment I have to water it twice a day.
Jan 10 2009 22:39 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks for stopping by Rainbow71. I'm wondering why you would have to water twice a day.
Jan 12 2009 06:17 GMT Kaska
It's good to read how you make the compost.
I'm too lazy for doing all the stuff, so I just throw all the "green garbage" on a compost pile thinking I may come to organizing it some other time ... and ususally never get around to it.
Now I get why your garden looks so great. You give it much loving care.
Jan 19 2009 18:11 GMT gtc126
ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! GET TO WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 19 2009 05:46 GMT JPHarr
I like those composters. I contemplated making one myself since I find the cost of pre-mades to be prohibitive. I can get used food-grade steel 55 gallon drums for about $20. With a few sections of angle iron, a few casters, some cutting and a couple of hinges, I should be able to manufacture one a lot less expensively.

But I haven't yet done it....
Feb 19 2009 05:57 GMT larrybenedict
I'm confident you could make one of these JP. This one cost me 359 dollars about 15 years ago, but now they are $600+ (the last time I checked) This one is looking at it's last season (finally rotted through, even my patches). They are not worth $600.