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Playing around with the vertical merging of 4 photos. There is nothing spectacular about this image. It's just a tiny wedge of the view from the back of my house. I am standing about 50 or 60 feet from the back of the house near where the elevation drops off pretty sharply to about 30 feet (roughly 10 meters) below to the south bank of the pond that you can't really see in this photo. I live on a hillside (sort of) with the pond being literally below the house (elevation wise), but it is a pretty good distance from the house, so there are no worries about the house sliding into the pond :-). There is really a lot to see in this vertical panoramic photo, from the empty, seemingly abandoned, bird bath to the ant diggings at the base of the pine tree on the left. Wisteria vines, and old Wisteria seed pods (see if you can find them)- the last of the Azaleas across the pond and across the creek (you can't see the creek for the levy dividing the pond from the creek).
Climb the trees to see the Spanish Moss blowing in the morning breeze and you may even spot a couple of Sweet Gum Balls that haven't yet fallen to the ground. I love the naked branches of little oak trees across the creek and the beginnings of red colored Silver Maple seed pods against and among the bare branches of little deciduous trees in the background. The Siver Maple trees really put on a show with their red seed pods. Hope I remember to photograph them in a week or so. To see all these things, perhaps a look at the larger size will make the hunt a bit easier. A photograph won't capture the big picture that we see with our eyes, but a digital photo in the "large" will focus our attention on the things we generally miss in our inattention to the beauty in nature.
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 07 2013 18:46 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
What a fascinating view of your back garden, Larry - really impressive with those tall trees. A super vertical panorama!
Mar 07 2013 19:47 GMT Labkhand
well merging
Mar 07 2013 23:25 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Sylvia. There is a lot of competition for light in thick growth so the woods is full of tall thin trees. Once they reach about 30-35 meters, they fatten up some. Trees in the open do not get as tall. I think the photo stitch approach makes them look taller than they are.
Mar 08 2013 01:25 GMT potterjo
Beautiful view
Mar 08 2013 09:33 GMT wijnie58
Excellent view, Larry..:-))
Mar 08 2013 10:02 GMT bandsix
Perhaps Toulouse Lautrec should have been vertically stitched, Larry:)))
It's a good vertical panorama, and you certainly have a great garden (yard) I couldn't see the whites of the ants' eyes, though.....
Mar 08 2013 15:32 GMT larrybenedict
Barbara, I imagine Henri (Toulouse-Lautrec) could have been captured in half a frame!
I do have a wonderful yard/garden Barbie. I just love it and rarely leave it, except to buy groceries or something mundane like that. Weather was wonderful yesterday for hacking back the jungle part of the property :-) I'm talking about grape vines mostly...some as big as your leg at the base. They smother the trees that supports the vines and bring the trees down. Muscadine(sp?) grapes in case you were wondering. On the "wondering' subject; I wonder if some of our FT friends are wondering how I know the size of your leg :-)))
Mar 08 2013 16:55 GMT bandsix
Let's keep 'em guessing, eh Larry? :)))
Mar 10 2013 07:23 GMT Cronos1
This picture tells me to try a panoramic photo vertically to show better the tall trees.
Splendid place and photo !
Mar 10 2013 15:04 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Dony. Give it a try. I find that photo stitching is a way to shoot even a moderately wide angle shot and still keep most of the picture in focus.