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Same foggy morning as in the previous photo (this morning around 7AM). I was walking the dog around the pond and thinking "Why don't I get out of bed early every morning". That's the back of my house of course and the shallow end of the pond in the foreground. I don't know the name of the big grassy stuff growing in the water....probably in the papyrus family of reeds??? Water level is low, due to lack of rain. If you look very closely to the right side of the picture toward the front of the house, you might be able to see the warm pink cherry blossoms from the previous photo. Yep, I know....it's foggy and a camera phone photo, so use your imagination!
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 06 2009 03:26 GMT martini957
Great foggy shot...love the reflection ....I so wish I had a pond...lovely home too : ))
Jan 06 2009 03:30 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks HQ.
Jan 06 2009 03:35 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Nancy. I'm in the early stage of learning to use my camera phone (new toy). Three resolutions are offered with the phone, this is the biggest photo file size
I'm "dog-sitting" for a couple of weeks, so I have to get out of bed a little earlier to 'walk the dog.'
Jan 06 2009 04:42 GMT Hamin PRO
Awesome ! It puts the viewer right there !
Jan 06 2009 05:00 GMT LisaSam67
very awesome place!
Jan 06 2009 05:01 GMT LisaSam67
sweet!!! another blackberry user round these parts!!!!
Jan 06 2009 13:03 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks for dropping by Manny.
Jan 06 2009 13:06 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks for the visit Lisa. Yep....I always have my cell phone, but rarely have my camera. I really like the Blackberry.
Jan 06 2009 14:10 GMT abojovna PRO
Nice place , a good morning walk!
Jan 06 2009 14:14 GMT Vasca
A great pic Larry!
Jan 06 2009 14:35 GMT SIGMUND
Great foggy shot dear Larry!!!
Jan 06 2009 15:56 GMT potterjo
dogs and cameras, don't leave home w/o them...lovely shot
Jan 06 2009 19:12 GMT darya4
another special shot - yes I see the tree..
Maryam FL
Jan 06 2009 19:38 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Claudia
Jan 06 2009 19:39 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Gaby
Jan 06 2009 19:40 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Susana. Now that I have a camera in my cell phone, perhaps I'll post more photos.........or not!!!!
Jan 06 2009 19:42 GMT larrybenedict
That's right Jo.
Jan 06 2009 19:58 GMT sini
Lovely foggy view!:)
Jan 06 2009 20:00 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks Sini.......it was a nice warm morning. No beautiful frost crystals.
Jan 06 2009 20:25 GMT bennystr
It's beautiful, the foggy effect makes it much more fascinating!
Jan 06 2009 23:07 GMT LizSA
lovely places FT friends have.....!!

so peaceful it looks Larry....
Jan 06 2009 23:20 GMT Cooler PRO
Wonderful foggy capture, and a Happy new year to you and yours my friend ;-)))
Jan 07 2009 01:21 GMT ashdad PRO
Beautiful misty shot!
Jan 07 2009 06:55 GMT lynnj04
You live in a lovely setting, very good picture for a camera phone :-))
Jan 07 2009 13:18 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Lynnj. I am fortunate to live where I do and have so much room to roam.
Jan 07 2009 19:31 GMT frankdejol
beautiful place !
Jan 07 2009 23:55 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks Frank
Jan 08 2009 05:07 GMT Londi PRO
My this is a pretty sight! Low water? How ironic I mentioned our floods in my previous comment. Watching the news and al the water..Historic floods they're saying!

My dad said it has to come down somewhere :+)
Lovely home and yes, you should get up early more!
Jan 08 2009 05:25 GMT larrybenedict
I actually took this photo to send to my daughter in Illinois to see if I could do it with my cellphone, but.....what the heck....needed a photo for my FT friends.
About the rain and floods.....we've been in drought for eight out of the last ten years. I'd have no water in my pond if there wasn't a little spring water feeding it.
Jan 10 2009 14:40 GMT yvon
great atmosphere if you like this!
Jan 10 2009 22:37 GMT larrybenedict
One of the few mornings I'm up early enough to see fog before the sun burns it off. This had the atmosphere of winter (I thought), even though it rarely gets cold where I live and then, only at night. Unlike Central and Southern Florida, we have four seasons in Northern Florida. Thanks for the visit Yvon.
Jan 11 2009 16:17 GMT yvon
We have to much from days like this! To much is not good!!
Jan 12 2009 06:19 GMT Kaska
great surroundings of your house.
Jan 13 2009 14:02 GMT senna3
Great early morning atmosphere!
Fabulous location for your house!
I didn't know you had a dog. As a dog lover I am of course curious how he/she looks like!
Jan 14 2009 03:15 GMT larrybenedict
Yes it was Peter. I don't have a dog.....just dog-sitting for a friend who was on holiday in India for a couple of weeks.
Jan 15 2009 01:51 GMT kanishaa1995
the foggy effect is good congrats on gettting such a good pic i cn never gt 1 like this on my phone !!!!!!!!!!
Jan 18 2009 04:22 GMT hbla PRO
oh my god I ask myself that every morning.
is this your house?

sorry sorry being lazy :)
Jan 19 2009 18:12 GMT gtc126
Jan 24 2009 03:16 GMT gafaway
sounds great... perfect start to the morning and beautiful result !
Jan 24 2009 04:39 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Pam. Haven't spoken to you in a long time. How ya doin'?
Jan 24 2009 06:48 GMT gafaway
: ) great... moving is work
Feb 13 2009 04:03 GMT Poulet PRO
Beautiful image!
Apr 07 2009 02:52 GMT doramandragora
What a lovely atmospheric morning :-)
Apr 07 2009 12:50 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Doris