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It's that time of year again when the Vietnamese Cherry tree is in full bloom. I'm not sure it is a Vietnamese Cherry....that's just a name I give it. Gotta call it something!
Just beautiful for two or three weeks every year and afterwards, it just fades/blends in with the rest of the trees around it.
It is not necessarily a sign of Spring because there have been times when Winter weather returns after it blooms out. Some plants just have a biological clock it seems.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 20 2013 02:33 GMT potterjo
Beautiful image! Does it fruit or is it ornamental?
Jan 20 2013 07:37 GMT sini
Beautiful blossom!:)
Jan 20 2013 09:50 GMT Ada90
So perfect.
Jan 20 2013 13:56 GMT bandsix
Such a beautiful photograph of this delightful tree....well worth it, even for just two or three weeks of the year!! That particular shade of pink is just gorgeous!!
Jan 20 2013 15:17 GMT wijnie58
Awesome blossom, Larry..:-))
Jan 20 2013 16:26 GMT larrybenedict
No fruit Jo. We have Wild Cherry trees here, but nothing bigger (fruit wise).
Jan 20 2013 16:40 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Barbara. There was a time when I shot everything using a tripod, but the image stabilizers in cameras now are very good. I'm pretty steady until I get a camera in my hands. Probably a hold over condition from my youth when my Mother emphasized the importance of holding the camera steady while pushing the shutter button. TRYING to be steady is what causes the "shake". The "mind" gyro's work only when we don't consciously interfere!!!! :-)))
Jan 20 2013 16:41 GMT larrybenedict
Breathtaking so Sini. I photograph them every year because I can't help myself, despite having several "on file."
Jan 20 2013 16:43 GMT larrybenedict
Ada, almost everything in nature is perfect isn't it??? Even the imperfections!!!
Jan 20 2013 16:45 GMT larrybenedict
Wijnie, I agree. The blossoms are small, but there are so many in each cluster!
Jan 21 2013 04:35 GMT fhelsing PRO
a gorgeous color!
Jan 21 2013 10:22 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Larry these are really gorgeous!
Don't worry - I take a lot of plant, tree and flower photos every year, & I only know what about 5-10 of them are! :-)
Jan 22 2013 00:45 GMT martini957
So very beautiful
Jan 22 2013 05:52 GMT 25barb
Stunning colors of these flowers. Lovely lighting and love the blue sky that enhances
the beauty of them. Great composition.
Jan 22 2013 07:45 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
I can never resist blossoms, and these are absolutely glorious!
Jan 22 2013 19:43 GMT senna3
Beautiful colour contrast!
Jan 23 2013 21:33 GMT junne PRO
well done