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It's the time of the year when green turns to yellows, oranges and reds. In the Northern lattitudes, it's the trees. In Florida, it's Satsuma Mandarin oranges. Not totally orange, but I ate two of the more orange ones yesterday and their very sweet. Navel oranges (Florida) get ripe around Christmas time and juice oranges don't ripen until spring. The Satsuma Mandarin's are grafted onto Bitter Orange root stock here in North Florida which makes the trees go dormant in late November. They can withstand temperatures down to 18ºF (-7.78ºC). The fruit will freeze at around 28ºF (-2ºC), but we don't see those kind of temps in N. Florida every 20-30 years. With climate change, that could change! :-)
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 27 2013 20:37 GMT Bellavista
I love Satsumas! You really do live in the Paradise!
Oct 27 2013 21:38 GMT junne PRO
satsuma is my favorite !
very good photo !
Oct 28 2013 01:38 GMT martini957
ding dang it....I can almost taste one....wish I could go outside & pluck one off to eat right now
Oct 28 2013 05:35 GMT Annamaria
Hmmmm they look ready to be picked!! ;-))
Oct 28 2013 10:51 GMT skyball
Looking tasty Larry:-)).....
Oct 28 2013 13:53 GMT larrybenedict
Not quite paradise Bea, but very close! Growing up in the center of the country, I dreamed of being able to go outside and pick fresh oranges for a breakfast juice. Although I have juiced these in the past, the juice is much too sweet for me, but they are delicious for peeling and eating on the spot.
Oct 28 2013 13:55 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Günter. My favorite too. Easy to peel and rarely a seed.
Oct 28 2013 13:56 GMT larrybenedict
Nancy, you could probably grow them where you live.
Oct 28 2013 13:57 GMT larrybenedict
Anna-Maria, still a little green on the rind, but sweet on the inside. Will probably be another three weeks before they are totally orange on the outside.
Oct 28 2013 14:05 GMT larrybenedict
Geoff, they are! I've lived in Florida for almost forty years and until about 6 years ago, had never planted any citrus. I now have 6 trees (red grapefruit, lemons, 2 Satsuma mandarins and a Clementine... and one Navel orange. Truth is, I may have over planted as these trees are very prolific.
Now, if I could only grow apples in this climate!
Oct 28 2013 14:06 GMT Lalbabu
In India it is not the right time now for the oranges,however,looking at these my mouth is watering and as you have said it's so sweet I really want to have a taste of it !!!!!
Oct 28 2013 19:02 GMT bandsix
A lovely image of a beautiful fruit! I can only imagine the pleasure of being able to walk outside and pick fruit from the trees in the warmth of the sun.....and here we had hurricane conditions for the South.....funny old world:) but I did have fresh apple juice from the trees in my Dad's garden...my new neighbour was kind enough to juice them and bring me the juice...lovely!
Oct 29 2013 20:45 GMT julie13
Looks nice :)
Oct 29 2013 21:14 GMT larrybenedict
In order to enjoy apples from the tree, I would have to move North about 500 miles. There are a few varies of apples that will grow without having to have at least 45 days of cold weather, but the bore worms get in the tree and eventually kill it. There are insecticides that will kill them, but I don't like poison on my food if I know about it. I pretend not to know when I buy apples at the market.
Nov 03 2013 01:30 GMT martini957
Would be worth a try...went to BI-LO and plucked some : ))
Nov 07 2013 22:23 GMT Jeanmac
Satsumas are one of my favourite fruits
Nov 08 2013 00:09 GMT larrybenedict
Jean, I think tomatoes are my favorite fruit, but these are right up there near the top. The Satsuma trees are very prolific when planted in a nice sandy loam type of soil, but not so much when planted in heavy soil. I learned that from experience.:-)