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More flowers! What can I say....I live in Florida!
This is the flower of the Cúrcuma Ginger plant. After the white petals fall off one by one, a small purple flower unfurls from the space where the petal was. The little purple petaled flower reminds me of an Iris although it doesn't look like an Iris at all. Who knows what triggers such thoughts....maybe it was the purple Iris my grandmother had in her garden???
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 24 2013 23:51 GMT Petermosull
A very beautiful image
Aug 25 2013 05:26 GMT junne PRO
maybe it's the smell that triggers memories, scents do that
Aug 25 2013 07:05 GMT Annamaria
I just love your flowerseries, larry! This is another beauty!!
Aug 25 2013 10:45 GMT Papagena
I don't know the name of this flower !! But it's beautifully presented together with a little bud........!! ;o)
Aug 25 2013 14:43 GMT Lalbabu
Great beauty with tinges of purple on the leaves !!!!
Aug 25 2013 15:05 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks Peter
Aug 25 2013 15:06 GMT larrybenedict
Günter, I could be the fragrance although I can't say I've actually bent over to smell this flower. Perhaps I will.
Aug 25 2013 15:08 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Anna-Maria. I will soon exhaust my collection of various flowers to photograph.
Aug 25 2013 15:12 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks Hunju. A relative of this plant probably grows where you live...Tumeric is in the same genus and might be native to your part of the world?
Aug 25 2013 16:51 GMT bandsix
It's a lovely plant and flower, Larry...and I am a sucker for anything with ginger in it!
Aug 26 2013 00:27 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Barbara. I still haven't made any Ginger Beer, but I saved the recipe you gave me.....just in case. I stay so busy, and yet, get so little accomplished!
Aug 26 2013 09:17 GMT bandsix
I know that feeling, Larry...I was discussing with a consultant I used to work with and she said that as we get older it takes longer to do the things we used to whizz through...so working hard and getting nowhere, basically:)))
Aug 26 2013 22:52 GMT gtc126
Beautiful and Amazing Capture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 26 2013 23:27 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks Glenn
Aug 29 2013 08:46 GMT junne PRO
it hits you subconsciously already before you even notice the smell. in our over saturated life our senses are no longer as keen as they should be. your dog could smell a scent from far away
Aug 29 2013 20:48 GMT larrybenedict
Günter, I totally agree with you. My days go by so quickly now and there is so much vying for my attention, I rarely stop to smell the flowers.......sometimes I do and I get lost in the moment as the clock spins even faster. The world is such a fascinating place. Perhaps that is why we keep coming back life after life.....if we do! :-)) That veil of forgetfulness has many secrets.....if there is a veil.
Aug 31 2013 06:12 GMT junne PRO
now that you mention tumeric, that is known to totally set alive memory. i use it almost daily in my cooking, and i have flashbacks of things a life time away. in fact so vivid, that it is indistinguishable from reality.
Aug 31 2013 13:16 GMT larrybenedict
I take (capsules) of Turmeric and Ginger to prevent brain plaque........studies show that a combination of these two will even help reverse the effects of Alzheimer's, although the studies do not know the exact combination. The studies were initiated because someone noticed that Alzheimer's is rare in India where Ginger and Tumeric are in the daily diet.
Aug 31 2013 13:18 GMT martini957
You have a lot of cool plants/flowers...interesting and beautiful
Aug 31 2013 23:04 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks Nancy, if you lived just a teenie bit further south, you could have a wider variety of plants too. With global warming, about 10 more years and you can grow banana palms without having to take them inside in the Winter. :-)
Sep 04 2013 19:24 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
It's a beauty, Larry, and I love your presentation!
Sep 05 2013 21:21 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Sylvia. This flower is so bright, I had to darken the photo quite a bit. I'm doing everything in Picasa3 now. Simple software for a simple guy. :-)