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Another cell phone camera picture. This was taken this morning early before the fog lifted. Normally this flowering cherry tree doesn't bloom until the first of February.....the tree in the background (and to the right)with the Spanish Moss, is a Black Gum tree....the first to lose its leaves in fall and the last to get new leaves in the spring.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 05 2009 18:54 GMT Minz PRO
Such a lovely photograph !
Jan 05 2009 18:55 GMT markkirby
Lovely pic,amazing what you can capture on a phone!!!
Jan 05 2009 19:01 GMT darya4
Jan 05 2009 19:01 GMT jenylew
Aww Larry, with 10 inches of pending snow this week, this photo gives me hope and smiles! Lovely!
Jan 05 2009 19:10 GMT pamelamcnamara
what a pretty shot - must be a VERY expensive phone to take such good pics :)
Jan 05 2009 19:14 GMT Foggydew
Jan 05 2009 19:16 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Great to see a flowering cherry so early in the year!
Jan 05 2009 20:22 GMT HMBPA PRO
The fog gives it a beautiful soft feel. You sure do get early Springs down there.
Jan 06 2009 01:32 GMT larrybenedict
As you can see Jen, I still have green grass under the leaves....but of course, this is Northern Florida (16.6 degrees C this morning at 7 o'clock). I've seen some beautiful 'snow pictures' here on FT this year....frost, too!! We had some snow in 1993!
Thanks for stopping by to see me...always makes my heart beat a little faster when you stick your head in the door.
Jan 06 2009 01:33 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Minz.
Jan 06 2009 01:34 GMT larrybenedict
Yes Mark....they get better all the time.
Jan 06 2009 01:34 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Darya
Jan 06 2009 01:40 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks Pamela. Yes it was expensive (for me), but I needed a camera phone because I rarely carry my big camera + it has internet and everything else one might imagine.
Jan 06 2009 01:45 GMT larrybenedict
There you go "picking on me" MaggieStar. I was out walking the dog around my yard around 7AM this morning....had my phone with me and remembered some of the wonderful foggy photos I've seen here on FT......plus, I don't have any new fractals and my friends are getting tired of my blank space.
Jan 06 2009 01:46 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks 'Foggy.'
Jan 06 2009 01:52 GMT larrybenedict
Yes it is Mary, but I miss the chilly mornings we get here in the winter months of late Nov. through middle Feb.
Jan 06 2009 01:56 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you for stopping by Harvey. My first "fog shot"....I liked it too.
Jan 06 2009 03:36 GMT martini957
WONDERFUL....I have a flowering cherry tree too(Kwanzan)...beautiful tree...now I'm wondering if I've seen a shot of your dog.
Jan 06 2009 13:02 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks Nancy. No, you haven't seen a picture of my dog because I don't have a dog. I am "dog sitting" for a friend who is out of the country for a couple of weeks....maybe a month???
Jan 06 2009 14:14 GMT Vasca
Jan 06 2009 16:36 GMT ETS2
1. A beautiful flowering tree + 2. a foggy morning = 3. a lovely photo!
Jan 06 2009 18:31 GMT megmet PRO
I love the flowering cherry tree and the fog in this shot really adds to the interest.

It's a great phone Larry........now how should I go about breaking mine in order to get a new one... ;-))))
Jan 06 2009 19:50 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Elsie. Coming from you, that's a real compliment.
Jan 06 2009 20:00 GMT larrybenedict
Meg....you could accidentally drop your phone in some water or behind the wheel of your automobile and let your husband roll over it and later find it in the drive way of your house. You would have to lose it first, of course! I'm sure our FT friends could come up with some good ideas on "How to ruin your cellphone."
Jan 06 2009 20:26 GMT bennystr
Another beautiful image!
Jan 06 2009 23:00 GMT kimbob
I think it's a great photo!
Jan 06 2009 23:06 GMT LizSA
the trees with the spanish moss... we love to see them... and it is very
much in florida..... we have seen lots of those again when we were traveling around
in Destin area........
I like the wooded area where you stay....
Jan 08 2009 05:10 GMT Londi PRO
Lovely shot Larry and I love that you identify the trees & such!!!

Hard to believe this was taken with a phone... great phone!!
Jan 08 2009 05:18 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks Londi........wanna know the names of the bushes!!! :-)))
Jan 08 2009 05:56 GMT Londi PRO

Maybe they're something that will have beautiful blooms soon? ;+)
Jan 08 2009 13:07 GMT larrybenedict
I was just kidding Londi. But in case you weren't.....other things in the picture, a white oak, a water oak, a sweet gum tree, and the bushes are Formosa azaleas, and clusters of spirea.....to be viewed with more enthusiasm later! There is a cluster of banana palms just to the right of the picture which you cannot see, and a Mandarin Orange tree.
Jan 09 2009 12:00 GMT Cronos1
superb series of cell phone camera pictures !!!
Jan 09 2009 23:08 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Dony.
Jan 12 2009 04:42 GMT hbla PRO
love it!
hmmm...haven't wanted to upgrade from my razr because I hate change.
might need a blackberry.... ;)
Jan 12 2009 04:46 GMT larrybenedict
Razor phones are just as good, I think. ??
Jan 12 2009 04:47 GMT hbla PRO
I really like mine! and I almost have it figured out!

lol, I sound kinda crazy don't I?
Jan 13 2009 03:46 GMT johngall
Beautiful Image!
Jan 13 2009 14:04 GMT senna3
Your camera phone is doing a great job!
Jan 14 2009 03:13 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks Peter....I like it for those impromptu shots that I would otherwise miss.
Jan 19 2009 18:14 GMT gtc126
THAT' A SUPER SHOT FOR A CELL PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 20 2009 00:45 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks Glenn. I was surprised myself.
Feb 13 2009 04:02 GMT Poulet PRO
This is so beautiful!!
Feb 20 2009 23:04 GMT caferr
well done...
Feb 21 2009 00:13 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks caferr
Mar 24 2009 14:12 GMT bluefam
so lovely.
Mar 25 2009 02:39 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks Bluefam