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Not a particularly great photo of the citrus bloom buds. They look a little like the buds of tulips before they open. The flower itself isn't all that pretty, but the fragrance is wonderful. This Navel Orange tree is a little ahead of the rest of the citrus trees, but they are all budding up.
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 21 2013 06:12 GMT fhelsing PRO
I agree --- the fragrance is special!
Feb 21 2013 07:01 GMT Petermosull
well I think it is great photo
Feb 21 2013 11:05 GMT skyball
A good description and shot Larry!!!!.......
Feb 21 2013 11:25 GMT hallo
They sure smell good..
Feb 21 2013 12:38 GMT marijke06
lovely smell indeed! :)
Feb 21 2013 13:34 GMT junne PRO
again, a wonderful photograph, so well composed with the string of blossoms reaching diagonally across the picture. and also a most tasteful frame with matching colors. larry you are an artist !
Feb 21 2013 15:51 GMT bandsix
I thought these were tulips from the thumb....how lovely, haven't seen these before...just wish we could smell them too:))
Feb 21 2013 21:28 GMT wijnie58
Fantastic flower with a speciall smell...:-))
Feb 21 2013 21:28 GMT wijnie58
Fantastic flower with a speciall smell...:-))
Feb 23 2013 00:35 GMT Myshots
Beautiful shot....
Feb 23 2013 01:04 GMT potterjo
Pretty, hope you don't get a frost before they set fruit.
Feb 23 2013 01:12 GMT larrybenedict
Jo, I'm wondering if you were in the path of the most recent snow storm originating in New Mexico. I know St. Louis got some of it.
Today has been a rainy (warm) day in N. Florida. It's nice to have a day long rain as my pond is always thirsty. Frost and light freezes do not seem to bother fruit blossoms. We haven't had any hard freezes this year. Hope we don't now that I have baby pears on the tree, and young Blueberries too.
Feb 23 2013 10:11 GMT Bellavista
hmm... wish to smell them!
Feb 23 2013 16:59 GMT Milibuh
Wonderful Larry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 23 2013 23:45 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Nora
Feb 23 2013 23:46 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks Geoff
Feb 23 2013 23:57 GMT larrybenedict
Günter, I wonder sometimes if you are "pulling my leg". I do enjoy taking photos, cropping from the original what it was I was wanting to capture. When I was very young, I wanted to be an artist (visual stuff), but ended up in sort of an artsy field. It has been fun. One of my many ex-wives told me once that I should never even pick up a camera because I didn't know how to compose a shot. Digital photography opened up the possibility that I might be able to capture moments in time after all. It is still challenging, but fun and about 10% of my shots are ones I like. Framing and bordering has added more enjoyment to the effort.
Feb 24 2013 00:02 GMT larrybenedict
Samir, I've noticed that thick petaled flowers have a 'sweeter' aroma. I'm thinking of Magnolia's, etc. Gardenias are sweet smelling too, but I do not recall whether or not they have thick petals. Magnolia blossoms and Gardenias are things I am reminded of when the citrus trees are in bloom....a kind of heavy aroma that is sometimes too much for me, but not bad in small doses.
Feb 24 2013 00:17 GMT larrybenedict
Barbara, each citrus tree has huge numbers of flowers, spread out over weeks. The open flower isn't as pretty as a tulip (for my taste), Tulips do not grow here as the ground doesn't not get cold enough for the bulbs to go through their cycles. I have purchased bulbs before and put them in the refrigerator for three months before planting outside and sometimes that works.
Feb 24 2013 01:44 GMT pauli3522
i like it...it is perfect...i mean..nice light and colors here.and angle too
Feb 24 2013 02:51 GMT gtc126
Nice Capture of the Blooms, This is a first for me never seen navel Orange blooms before!!! i love Navel Oranges!!
Feb 24 2013 14:42 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Paulina. This shot was cropped out of a larger file. They tree is so full of bloom buds!
Feb 24 2013 14:45 GMT larrybenedict
Glenn, these are just the buds. They are probably open now. I haven't checked on them since I shot this. All citrus blooms look pretty much the same. Lemon tree flower buds have a lot of purple on them, but are white when they open up.