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The tomato crop is coming along nicely. This variety is named Totem. It grows about 24inches tall and will have 4 ounce red tomatoes. Although the plant is sturdy and stocky,and probably doesn't need staking, I made a cage for it using concrete rebar mesh wire. The wire is pretty stiff and requires a bit of wrestling to bend it into shape as it comes in flat panels 42 X 72 inches. I once made some cages out of the rolled up rebar mesh and although it was already circular coming off the roll, it was equally a wrestling match just unrolling it enough to cut a length required for a cage. The rebar mesh wire has a spacing of 6inch squares. On the UP SIDE, there is no need to be constantly tying up the vine (for support). This year I am growing different colors of tomatoes...red, yellow, purple and red-yellow striped ones. Small, medium, large and plum shaped paste tomatoes. I should be sick of them by the middle of June. The ones in the photo should start ripening in about a week, maybe two.
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 26 2015 15:24 GMT will
Beautiful larry..
Apr 26 2015 22:21 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks Will
Apr 26 2015 22:50 GMT martini957
I can almost smell them Larry, enjoy your wide variety.....I haven't planted anything yet
Apr 26 2015 22:54 GMT verarenm
Hi Larry...... Green Tomatoes and the structure remember my dear mother when I was a child. She did similar work in her backyard. I liked to run around them, to take them green. My mother got angry!
17 hours ago junne PRO
you do have a green thumb !
14 hours ago bandsix
That is certainly going to be a bumper crop! I don't think you can have too many tomatoes:))
13 hours ago Papagena
I didn't know that tomatoes do ripen as early as this. In my region normally we shall have the first ones only in June!! Fortunately it also has a lot of old species again since some years....
9 hours ago larrybenedict
Nancy, I planted the seeds around the middle of January (inside), so I will be rewarded with fruit earlier than most. The commercial growers planted their nursery plants the second week in March I think and the harvest usually begins towards the end of May, but they are picked and packed green for shipment North.
9 hours ago larrybenedict
Hi Vera. If you still have a balcony, you could plant one in a pot and have fresh tomatoes.
9 hours ago larrybenedict
G√ľnter, folks around here say that about me. I think plants respond for people who care for them. Scientific studies suggest strongly that they do. The same could probably be said for you too (green thumb).
9 hours ago larrybenedict
Barbara, I agree with you! I usually end up giving several boxes of them to my friends. I think I have about 25 plants this year.
9 hours ago larrybenedict
Ruth, I live in Florida where we garden all year 'round. Although we have a Winter season, it doesn't last long so the Spring garden is planted earlier than in your part of the world. As I was telling Nancy, I planted my tomato seeds around the middle of January inside, under full spectrum lighting, to get them ready for transplant outside.