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Günter has pestered me into posting something new, so here it is. The name of the trumpet flower is Datura. Some call it Devil's trumpet. It is in the same family of plants (nightshade) as tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, potatoes, etc. Reminds me more of eggplant in that the stems are deep purple and the plant is very prolific with its trumpet flowers. This particular plant is about 4 feet tall. They grow smaller in smaller pots with lots of flowers....this one is in a flower bed/box with plenty of room for the roots to roam and the soil is mostly worm composted leaves and pine needles from last fall. Tomato Horn Worms really like the leaves of this plant. I just pull them off and stomp them :-))) Bacillus Thuringiensis would prevent damage to the plant and can be sprayed on after each rain....not harmful to humans but it locks up the digestive system of any and all kinds of caterpillars. Usually I mix AZOMITE in the soil and it makes the plants so healthy, insects don't bother the plants. Google AZOMITE to read about the minerals and you might decide to purchase some for your garden vegetables.
Since I haven't posted anything since July, I felt it only fair that I write a book to go with the photo. :-))
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 19 2014 23:42 GMT will
a real beauty and interesting dialog, too, thanks..)
Oct 19 2014 23:44 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Will. My sister gave me the seeds. The seed heads are bigger than a golf ball. I'll have plenty to share by spring after the seeds dry out.
Oct 20 2014 01:29 GMT martini957
Pretty darn cool and pretty .....I've heard of an angel trumpet flower but not a devil one : ))
Oct 20 2014 02:31 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks Nancy. I think this is called Devil's Trumpet because perhaps (?)Brugmansia (Angle's Trumpets) with it's pendulous trumpet flowers look down from above while Datura (Devil's Trumpets) look up from below. Just guessing of course, but why not. Datura does have sort of erect trumpet blossoms, but they are so large, they tend to just point outward.
Oct 20 2014 05:48 GMT MargNZ
Nice to see you back with this informative presentation Larry . Thank you :)
Oct 20 2014 06:59 GMT FLUMP
What wonderful colours....i ve been away for awhile too!
Oct 20 2014 07:22 GMT ForestSpirit
Günter was right to pester you - nice to see a new posting, Larry!
Interesting info, and what a gorgeous flower!
Oct 20 2014 08:16 GMT bandsix
A beautiful flower, whatever the name:)) It is nice to see you back posting again, and writing these informative captions.........did the Cobea Scandens ever flower, I wonder ?
Oct 20 2014 12:51 GMT Papagena
I fully agree with all these comments ! Above all I also am very happy to see you back Larry ! ;+))
Oct 20 2014 14:01 GMT will
wow !
Oct 20 2014 18:27 GMT Lalbabu
Beautiful closeup Larry also love te colourful contures of this flower !!!!
Oct 20 2014 22:34 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Margaret. Every picture has some kind of story and I feel like I should say something about my post here. I don't lead a very interesting life so I like to squeeze out any and all little pleasures--plus, I think it must be human nature for us to share our fascinations. Kinda like having a witness to our life experience. Maybe!
Oct 20 2014 22:36 GMT larrybenedict
What is your excuse Helen? Mine....I have moods. One social, the other reclusive. Günter kick started me back into "social."
Oct 20 2014 22:38 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Sylvia. I've been looking at my friends photos right along, but have been at a loss for commentary.
Oct 20 2014 22:50 GMT larrybenedict
Barbara, the Cobia vines ran 50 feet straight up a Pine tree and I haven't seen a blossom yet. I planted both the purple and the white and the vines are actually running up several Pine trees. I planted them next to Pine trees because the ones that border the house go up about 80 feet before reaching the bottom branches.
I think I have learned something about flowering vines though....I've noticed that if they are on a trellis the vines just reach the top and then put some of their energy into producing flowers. Last year I had two Clematis vines- one on a trellis with no where else to go and the other next to one of the aforementioned Pine trees. The one on the trellis produced lots of flowers and the one next to the pine tree had none.
The same thing happened with a Mandeville vine I had planted in a large pot (really large pot!) Placed away from any tree to climb on, the vine had hundreds of flowers--then I moved it next to a tall tree and it produced only vines.
Next year, I will plant Cobia away from any trees! One little note for you and anyone interested in flowering vines and their habits.....The Cobia vine is the only vine I have ever seen that climbs straight up---no winding around the tree at all.
Oct 20 2014 22:54 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Ruth. It's nice to find some time to be back and in a loquacious mood.
Oct 20 2014 23:02 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Lalbabu. Me too! The temperatures in N. Florida have dropped to the high 70's Fahrenheit (20's C.) with high 50's, low 60's (F) [around the high teens Celsius] at night and the plant is really loving it.
Oct 20 2014 23:39 GMT fhelsing PRO
I love datura! Thanks for posting.
Oct 20 2014 23:59 GMT larrybenedict
Thank YOU Fleur.
Oct 21 2014 02:03 GMT gtc126
Wonderful Color to the Datura Flower!!!!!!!!!Larry
Oct 21 2014 14:13 GMT larrybenedict
It sure is Glenn.
5 hours ago FLUMP
To be honest much the same Larry...