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Glenn (gtc126) suggest I change the most recent photo on my page. Last time I got prodded into posting something, I think it was Günter (junne) who got tired of the same old photo.
These flowers are Clematis. The blossoms are wet as it had been raining just before I shot this photo. I planted the roots for this climbing vine several years ago. It comes back every year. Some of the other vines in the photo are Wisteria which is invasive where I live, but I love them when they bloom in the Spring. It's pretty much Summertime here now as far as the typical weather goes. Not miserably hot and humid yet.!
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 24 2015 08:01 GMT skyball
A lovely series of mother natures little beauties Larry!!!!!!:-))
Apr 24 2015 09:47 GMT MargNZ
Glorious clematis flowers Larry :))
Apr 24 2015 09:53 GMT Papagena
A beautiful idea to replace your last picture with these lovely Clematis !! And enjoy the pleasant weather conditions Larry.
Here we had many marvellous sunny and warm days too but this weekend it changes again to colder temperatures and rain....
Apr 24 2015 11:09 GMT junne PRO
somebody has to keep you going :-)))

the tree has a gorgeous texture on the bark and the flowers are of beautiful warm color.
Apr 24 2015 15:12 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Clematis!!!!!!, Love the Color!!!!!!!, I had some that I tried to grow against the outside wall, using the hold-up tabs and glue!!!!!!!!! See you still have a lot of friends, that think you have beautiful Posts.
Apr 24 2015 15:59 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Geoff
Apr 24 2015 15:59 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Margaret
Apr 24 2015 16:01 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Ruth. I've been wondering if your ankle ever got well 100%.
Apr 24 2015 16:15 GMT larrybenedict
Yes Günter, I need poking every so often to get me going. My best Internet friends are right here on FT. I miss the way it was several years ago before so many deserted the site for Facebook and Google+. The site is slower now and has been invaded by a lot of spam, etc.
I like the bark of the Pine tree as well. The tree in the photo is about 100ft. tall. The Clematis blossoms are very dark purplish red and I didn't notice them until the vine had almost bloomed out for the year.
That 2 centimeter vine hugging the tree bark is probably Poison Oak as I have a lot of that anywhere there is an opportunity for it to grow up a tree in partial sunshine in the course of a day. I'm not allergic to it so it doesn't present a problem for me.
I don't see the Poison Ivy or Poison Oak in the dark woods (jungle of other vines) so I suppose it needs some sun.
7 hours ago junne PRO
man are you lucky. i once had it terribly but later it seems i became either more careful or also immune. i have been fighting it ever since, and killed it where ever i saw it.
you seem to have a green thumb with everything you are growing.
here on the 14th floor we planted three lemon trees and lots of other plants in beautiful pots. jiang loves gardening and i teach her all i know. (15 years of bonsai in the states helps. )