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Not just another flower, but an edible one, at least the ants like it! When I first posted this or a similar one on Facebook a month or so ago, I was certain it was a Cantaloupe blossom. I bury all my vegetable and fruit scraps in my garden for the worms to convert into compost (dirt is more like it). I had forgotten about burying the skin and seeds of a Hubbard Squash...perhaps because I rarely eat Hubbard Squash. I purchased the 'big ole' squash at the grocery and it sat on the back of the kitchen counter for months before I got around to preparing it. The "Hubbard" variety is referred to as a "winter squash" , possibly because it will "keep" all winter in a cellar, or in my case--the back corner of the kitchen counter. I've kinda gone off on one of my tangents here, but back to the blossom. It's pretty and photographs well, from my point of view of course! I learned that it was not a cantaloupe blossom when the vine started putting on little squash.
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 24 2014 06:16 GMT gtc126
Fantastic Bloom, Beautiful Yellow Color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well it is pretty anyway!!!!
Oct 24 2014 07:14 GMT FLUMP
A nice splash of colour for today...its very dark and wet here
21 hours ago Papagena
Wonderful yellow flower !! I have never seen it, even not in the garden of my uncle at the time. But I like and eat zucchini very often.

18 hours ago Lalbabu
A lovely take Larry,bright yellow,perhaps we in India eat it by frying !!!!
15 hours ago bandsix
It is a wonderful yellow to brighten a gloomy English day.....so thanks for that......and as you say, the ants seem to find it very attractive !
15 hours ago bandsix
Thanks also for the info re the Cobea....I am hoping for great things from you next season!
13 hours ago fhelsing PRO
I agree, squash blossoms are lovely. It's like getting a bonus!
9 hours ago larrybenedict
Thank you Glenn.
8 hours ago will
thia is a real beauty, Larry, good photo !
8 hours ago larrybenedict
Helen, gloomy days are good for sleeping...if you can. Not many gloomy days in N. Florida, but we don't have the lovely countryside like you have where you live. I grew up in a climate where the Winters were gloomy. A little depressing.....
8 hours ago larrybenedict
Ruth, I grow zucchini in the Springtime before the heat of summer makes it impossible. I also eat the blossoms (male flowers only) and they taste the same as the squash itself.
8 hours ago larrybenedict
Lalbabu, I like fried squash (summer squash) but as I grow in chronological years, I avoid frying as the calories seem to find a home around my waist. I've never tried fried winter squash. Over here, winter squash is prepared by baking in an oven with salt, pepper and butter. It also makes a very good pie by adding sugar and eggs with a flavoring of vanilla extract, nutmeg or some other spice. It's very good, but there again, too many calories for me.
8 hours ago larrybenedict
Barbara, both you and Helen have remarked about the gloomy day. Is that normal for this time of year in England? One thing that could improve the energy of a room would be to install full spectrum lighting in your home. I have it in my work space because I need it for the colors, but I also have it in my reading room. Some people over here build "light boxes" with full spectrum fluorescent lights to sit in front of for an hour or so every day to improve their mood. Just saying..............!!
8 hours ago larrybenedict
Fleur, you said it just right....it is a bonus!
2 hours ago junne PRO
a very rich yellow ! good macro, showing sharp image of texture and ants.