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Another Datura trumpet flower. This one I shot raw and edited it with "Lightroom" software. I usually use Picasa3 to crop my photos, etc., but on a whim, I purchased the Lightroom software. I don't actually see much advantage over the Picasa3 software which is free and the Lightroom software was $139. I suppose there are more fixes in Lightroom but I'm not a professional photographer and do not speak the Adobe language. Learning the language is on my list of things to conquer.
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 17 2014 01:36 GMT HMBPA PRO
You said the plant is about four feet tall, but it's hard to tell how large the flower is. How many inches across? Once you learn the language, you'll love Lightroom; it and Photoshop are great programs.
Nov 17 2014 10:02 GMT bandsix
Superb image, Larry.....always good to learn a new language, too!!
Nov 17 2014 13:47 GMT Papagena
A fantastic work !! Picasa3 is just good enough for my capacity Larry !! ;~((
Nov 17 2014 14:12 GMT Lalbabu
Super beauty !!! Junne told me that raw files are so large that it takes too much time to upload,however,as I think, using Lightroom you have reduced that file to an uploadable size.As regards Lightroom,I think,junne may help you as he is a regular user of photoshop,here I agree with the last sentance of HMBPA.
Nov 17 2014 17:59 GMT 32131
Nice close-up! :)
Nov 17 2014 22:06 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Flower, Superb Results, Larry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 19 2014 15:25 GMT larrybenedict
Harvey, the flower is 3½ inches across (9cm) and the trumpet 4½ inches long(11.5cm). After last nights freeze in N. Florida, they are dead. I'm hoping the stalk stays alive and sends out new leaves so the seeds can mature.
Nov 19 2014 15:28 GMT larrybenedict
It is Barbara. I shoot a few pic's in RAW to see if it makes a difference. I think it does. We'll see.:-)
Nov 19 2014 15:29 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Ruth. Picasa is still my favorite for the JPEG shots. I think Lightroom might be better for RAW shots???
Nov 19 2014 15:31 GMT larrybenedict
Lalbabu, the RAW files are larger, but at this time, I'm only shooting 12megapixel shots AND...I have a new computer that can crunch the data fairly fast.
Nov 19 2014 15:32 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Glenn.
Nov 19 2014 15:34 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Milka
Nov 22 2014 07:47 GMT Bellavista
Very nice flower Larry! Would be nice to see the whole plant!
Nov 25 2014 03:57 GMT larrybenedict
Bea, the whole plant was very large. Not now...it froze last week when we had two nights below freezing. The leaves and flowers only--I think! Hopefully the stem will continue to feed the seed balls. It may even sprout new leaves.
16 hours ago EveCN
outstanding ~~