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This is Cleome. I planted some last year and since the plant produces thousands of seeds per plant, I had a lot (A LOT!) of volunteer plants come up in my flower beds, cracks in the driveway and cracks between the sidewalk to my front door and the brick planter (36 ft. long so lots of volunteers). They were a perfect distraction for the compact tomato plants (street view) that I planted in the front of the house where I have adequate sun for tomatoes. The various flower colors are/were pink, white and this color. The tomatoes...red and yellow with more fruit than foliage so there was/is plenty of color. Sadly, the Summer Sun has taken its toll so I'm on the verge of pulling up everything and starting over.
Too much dialog for a simple photo? Well, I like to tell short stories! I like to read them too so how about saying something about your photos other than the photo Identification... and blame me for rambling on about it.
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 13 2015 21:59 GMT abojovna PRO
I do not know this flower, but beautiful closeup!
Jul 13 2015 22:07 GMT ForestSpirit
Love the delicate shapes and subtle colours, Larry!
Jul 13 2015 23:50 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Claudia. It is classified as an heirloom flower I think.
Jul 13 2015 23:53 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Sylvia. Me too! The flower (plant) grows about 3 or 4 feet tall (1meter+)
Jul 14 2015 05:50 GMT bandsix
This is beautiful, Larry....another of my favourite flowers.....I did an acrylic painting a few years ago and it featured a cleome as the sidekick to the central character...will have to post it sometime.......I think they are so visually interesting, and I love the spiky bits!
Jul 14 2015 06:06 GMT bandsix
Scratch that comment....I already posted it last July!!
Jul 14 2015 06:07 GMT bandsix
But it's still a great photo.....😀
Jul 14 2015 11:08 GMT Sunny70Blairgowrie
Such a beautiful flower, capture and photograph. Love the soft colours, and to ramble on as requested, it has a great relaxing feel about it. A real feel good factor, and it IS so lovely to look at. Very many thanks for sharing - wish I had this flower in my garden.
Jul 14 2015 13:19 GMT Lalbabu
Beautiful and lovely violet think they have some nice fragrance too !!!!
Jul 14 2015 14:05 GMT gafaway
The Cleome is beautiful,
The heat is a stress to many plants, for sure...
The first year in 7 for my garden that heat has been a problem.
But this year is different and the shady areas are going strong.
Jul 14 2015 16:21 GMT Papagena
In my country hot weather is damaging nature too !! Fortunately in my area thanks to the lake and a river it's possible to still water the plants. But in other regions, above all in forests and fields, it's allowed to make fires or barbues only in places especially prepared for.

Btw. Thanks to you I learn the name of this beautiful delicate flower !! At least I suppose it's the same specimen:

Jul 14 2015 17:57 GMT Jeanmac
Very pretty flowers and the colour is so delicate!!!
Jul 18 2015 10:11 GMT linnywv PRO
These are so pretty! Such a delicate color.
Jul 20 2015 08:27 GMT Bellavista
Nice flower Larry! You are always showing us sometthing interesting flower!
Jul 21 2015 02:57 GMT martini957
Tis a beauty!
Jul 21 2015 07:03 GMT superJoan
One of my favourite flowers ..although I do not have them in the garden
Jul 21 2015 18:27 GMT georgygirl2
a lovely delicate flower, I love when people explain the photograph so go on as much as you like! lol
Jul 23 2015 15:31 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Georgygirl