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gina russianblue cat


This is Gina
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 06 2006 16:52 GMT bennystr
Fabulous shot!
Jan 06 2006 16:54 GMT CeterusParibus
Jan 06 2006 16:54 GMT beedabee
Amasing .. lovely green eyes you have Gina!
Jan 06 2006 16:54 GMT a0000a PRO
beautiful cat
on her flying carpet
Jan 06 2006 16:56 GMT RainyDay
hello Gina :)))
Jan 06 2006 17:02 GMT Satto
Hej söta Gina:-)
Hur många katter allt som allt har du Kosmos?
Det är verkligen en urtjusig ras..skulle jag ha någon egen kisse så skulle jag vilja ha en sådan som Gina..:-)
Beautiful..shot and cat..:-)
Jan 06 2006 17:02 GMT camerablock
Can i take this model for a few days please?
Jan 06 2006 17:05 GMT lieke
gina is lovely.......beautiful image also

Jan 06 2006 17:12 GMT Lensvision
Gina is a gorgeous cat. Is she related to Holly?
Jan 06 2006 17:18 GMT kosmos PRO
Lensvision - Gina and Holly have the same Great Grandfather. That's about it.
Jan 06 2006 17:19 GMT kosmos PRO
Satto - vi har fem katter (Azita, Embla, Pojken, Gina och Holly).
Jan 06 2006 17:50 GMT ransoms
hey how are you doing today,your photo looks cute,i like,
Jan 06 2006 19:35 GMT moniqpl
beautiful green eyes!
Jan 06 2006 19:44 GMT Ini
Beautiful phot from this cat !
Jan 06 2006 19:59 GMT duncan
She is very wise. She knows that the gadget in your hand has changed you routine. But you have captured the moment beautifully where she is saying to herself. She (you) must have had an accident because you always have that thing in your hand and I am getting less attention. Holly was right, she has been demonised my a magic gadget. And she is supposed to be our servant.
Jan 06 2006 21:01 GMT Cameraeye
good work kosmos, and Gina did well also!
Jan 06 2006 21:19 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Proof that cats are smart!
Jan 06 2006 21:24 GMT curves PRO
Less mischief in her eyes then Hollies
Jan 07 2006 06:59 GMT ashdad PRO
Looks so sweet!
Jan 07 2006 08:54 GMT Irma
Only a cat can look this way, in a next live I want to become one and look just as gorgeous as she does :))))))