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Have been playing with my new camera today.
There is so much to learn!
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 25 2005 14:42 GMT Tekkies
This is a great shot!
Dec 25 2005 14:45 GMT Lensvision
Well the quality of your shots have just gone up...
Very nice.
Dec 25 2005 14:57 GMT RainyDay
beautiful shot! the colors and reflections just perfect! :)
Dec 25 2005 15:09 GMT bertel
HMMMM Hvad skal jeg sige. Hmmmm. Hvis du ikke vil give mig det, så vil jeg gerne købe det BILLIGT. Hvis du lægger det for mine fødder skal jeg nok BØJE mig ;O)/B
Dec 25 2005 15:52 GMT curves PRO
SWEET..........Now I'm really jealous
Dec 25 2005 15:53 GMT cecilterwiliger
Beautiful. Merry Christmas to you, Mr. Kosmos, and the Kosmoslettes, not to mention the critters in the household. Evie is at the Kitty Hotel, it is closed today, but we pick her up tomorrow.
Dec 25 2005 16:06 GMT Grimacher PRO
Lucky you! Colours are scrummy! Merry Christmas to you and your family K :)
Dec 25 2005 16:22 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
Looks like a postcard :) Sharp, beautiful colors! You go girl!
Dec 25 2005 21:28 GMT korni
excellent photo!
Dec 25 2005 21:45 GMT bennystr
Dec 25 2005 21:46 GMT jboia
Awasome. Love the colours and reflections...
Dec 25 2005 21:53 GMT AshleyChen
you learned so fast!!!
Dec 25 2005 21:58 GMT grenthal
I'm sure you'll learn quickly!
Dec 25 2005 22:00 GMT sanjolina
Wonderful shot!!! I haven't got time recently, so I didn't tell you that I'm really happy for you cause Santa brought you such a nice present! :) You really deserve it! I'm looking forward to see your new pictures and Skagerrak in all it's beauty! :)
Dec 25 2005 22:24 GMT Macfudge
Fantastic! Great color explosion! I hope you get a new camera frequently
Dec 25 2005 22:50 GMT Satto
JYSSES...så fina färger...och så fin bild:-)
Dec 26 2005 00:11 GMT fhelsing PRO
charming, and what great colors!
Dec 26 2005 00:39 GMT vonsterman
So calm and quiet,where is everyone?
Dec 26 2005 04:36 GMT ashdad PRO
This is gorgeous!
Dec 26 2005 05:07 GMT Glo
you play very well Kosmos!!!
Dec 26 2005 06:26 GMT PhotoPro PRO
what can I say? you went from being merely stunning to this incredible work.

I got a big surprise for Christmas, a Nikon D70s! I'm still trying to figure things out, but your work inspires me as to what could be!
Dec 26 2005 06:35 GMT duncan
Proves the point "If you think you can, you will". I'm going to go mad waiting for mother's Day to buy my wife one. A picture like this where you have bright sky and a dark foreground is very difficult because the focus can change rapidly with the slightest movement of the center line up or down. You will learn a lot from using bracket (3) option. I work with +2/3 and - 2/3 and the best is not always the centre one. If fact, with me it is less than 50% especially with a wide range between dark and light. Practice your scales like a musician. Take at least a 100 test photos a day with bracket (3). First thing in the morning gives the best variation in light and shadow. Easy to say when you are retired,
Dec 26 2005 08:38 GMT lorenzinho
A colours explosion!
Dec 26 2005 09:09 GMT montello
very nice!!!!
Dec 26 2005 11:23 GMT kosmos PRO
I have so much to learn Duncan! But it's fun! :)
Dec 26 2005 11:30 GMT duncan
Your right. That's why it is fun.
Dec 26 2005 13:02 GMT kosmos PRO
I think they were sleeping, Vonsterman :)
Jan 20 2006 21:29 GMT laurent
Un grand talent... :-))))