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pojken russianblue cat animal

870 views 1 person's favourite photo

This is Pojken, our Russian Blue male.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 07 2006 18:27 GMT lorenzinho
wonderful eyes
Jan 07 2006 18:27 GMT beedabee
Hello Pojken .. you are so beautiful !
Lovely green eyes cat !
Jan 07 2006 18:27 GMT bennystr
Fabulous eyes!
Jan 07 2006 18:32 GMT Lensvision
Lovely cat, hi Pojken.
Jan 07 2006 18:35 GMT duncan
I'll have to get a cat again, these pictures are driving me mad(der).
Jan 07 2006 18:36 GMT Olympe1961
Toujours aussi magnifique this cat with émeraude eyes !
Jan 07 2006 18:52 GMT belinketeneghe PRO
he drinks wodka, surely.
have a good evening!
Jan 07 2006 19:11 GMT santolina
Hej, privet, snalla Pojken (=dorogoj malchik)! So nice to find my compatriot in loving hands! :)) Where is your flickan?? ;)
Hadsome, well fed, with *gorgeous* eyes :) Thank you, dear Kosmos, for sponsoring the Russian diaspora in Sweden! ;) I'm also very grateful for your visit and lovely comment :)
Jan 07 2006 19:27 GMT Milan
Jan 07 2006 19:30 GMT PhotoPro PRO
the clarity and detail is incredible!
Jan 07 2006 20:04 GMT jboia
It's a beautiful shot!
Jan 07 2006 20:33 GMT Minz PRO
Wonderful photo of Pojken!
A really beaultiful cat - I think we are all a little jealous................!!!
Jan 07 2006 20:40 GMT curves PRO
They all have that Egyptian flavor to them......I see why you love them so much
Jan 07 2006 20:43 GMT Grimacher PRO
Elegant creature / beautifully photographed :)
Jan 07 2006 22:41 GMT RainyDay
really beautiful cat! and photo...:)
Jan 07 2006 22:45 GMT Satto
Är det lilla "pojkens" tur att säga gonatt idag..:-)
Beautiful cat...and photo:-)
Jan 07 2006 23:11 GMT potterjo
A whole houseful of beautiful eyes!

Yes you can only see the road in the winter, we sometimes go up there to see if they have cleared the road of snow when we get it.
Jan 07 2006 23:42 GMT AshleyChen
hello kitty!!!
Jan 07 2006 23:44 GMT fhelsing PRO
lovely "blue boy"!
Jan 07 2006 23:54 GMT JotaBoyJon
Jan 08 2006 02:02 GMT leowangh
beautiful cat
Jan 08 2006 04:49 GMT Glo
perfect shot!!
Jan 08 2006 07:20 GMT glassica
Dina katter är sååå fina!!!! Pojken är också en riktig fotomodell precis som dina andra katter vi har fått se!!!! Underbar kisse!!!
Jan 08 2006 07:57 GMT Tekkies
Proud like a King!
I am looking for a spesific photo that was pasted a while ago by somebody.. It was of a Snauzer dog with ice hanging from its hair... was it yours?
Jan 08 2006 09:48 GMT marijke06
does Pojken knows he looks so nice?......
Jan 08 2006 11:01 GMT dangaz
What a cool cat :)
Jan 08 2006 11:37 GMT pinko

..russian charming!:)..
Jan 08 2006 13:11 GMT kosmos PRO
Tekkies - No, that was not my picture.
Jan 08 2006 21:58 GMT reynena
Beautiful yers!
Jan 09 2006 12:16 GMT hans55 PRO
beauty !!
Jan 09 2006 14:21 GMT Haw59 PRO
His features are great. His eyes are even better. Have you ever shown him at shows.
Jan 09 2006 17:00 GMT kosmos PRO
Haw59 - When he was less than a year he was at a couple of shows. But then I accidentally caught the tip of his tail in the door and he got a kink and that is not allowed at shows. But I think he is happy the way it is. :)