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I had to go out and try out the new camera today.
Will show you a few pictures, but I need more ...


I had to go out and try out the new camera today.
Will show you a few pictures, but I need more practice! :)
These were taken around noon. Looking east.
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 24 2005 21:26 GMT bennystr
Magnificent colors!
Dec 24 2005 21:52 GMT lieke
blue is splendid..light is gorgeous....so.....a very good camera i guess.....be very happy with it!!!!
Dec 24 2005 22:00 GMT JJAP
Great pic!!!!
Dec 24 2005 22:03 GMT RainyDay
wow gorgeous! what a beautiful sky!
Dec 24 2005 22:13 GMT PhotoPro PRO
OMG - stunning! I was joking about your photos getting better... didn't think it was possible - but wow!!!
Have fun with your new camera - I'm reading the manual on mine trying to figure out how to use it! :)
Dec 24 2005 22:14 GMT charlotte
Fantastic!!! Your pictures will be even more stunning!!!!!
If you get them as good as this now, just waith until you got to know your camera well!
Dec 24 2005 22:50 GMT jceca PRO
i agree with charlotte!
gorgeous image! postcard!!!
Dec 24 2005 23:24 GMT Satto
Grattis till nya kameran..:-)
Jättefina bilder blev det...igen:-)
Dec 24 2005 23:52 GMT Milibuh
Great shot and Merry Christmas...
Dec 24 2005 23:58 GMT AshleyChen
everything cool !! the only down side is the bulky heavy thing on you when you're out :P
Dec 25 2005 01:13 GMT fhelsing PRO
beautiful view
Dec 25 2005 01:17 GMT curves PRO
Hmmmmmmmmmm....wonder how your macro's are going to be.....But I can wait
Dec 25 2005 01:43 GMT shine
great view !
Dec 25 2005 05:01 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Looks like it is working very well!!! So many things they do these days, it is never ending, you will have a great time.

God Jul to you and yours!!
Dec 25 2005 06:10 GMT jboia
THis is an excellent photo! New Camera?
Dec 25 2005 08:45 GMT Glo
Dec 25 2005 09:33 GMT duncan
You are going to go crazy with that many pixels to play with. This is extraordinary in its sharpness so close to the camera.ISO 100 is for summer not winter.But that doesn't stop you. Wonderful, exiting, and a camera almost as good as the photographer.
Dec 26 2005 00:43 GMT vonsterman
Noon?What a wonderful picture.
Dec 26 2005 03:23 GMT Haw59 PRO