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Santa came to visit two days early, yesterday afternoon.
(He usually comes on Christmas Eve here in Sweden.)
This is my Christmas present - and I'm in seventh heaven right now. :)

Merry Christmas to all of you!
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 23 2005 14:19 GMT Askim
A very merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Let's hope it's a good one
Without any fear

Dec 23 2005 14:21 GMT Rocco
Enjoy such a beautiful camera.
Have a merry Christmas for you a nd your family.\\
Thanks for your greetings.
Dec 23 2005 14:24 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
OOOOOOOOOOooooo what a very Merry Christmas gift!!

Best of the Holidays to you and yours!
Dec 23 2005 14:25 GMT nicoalfredo
congratulations on your e-500 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a year ago I bougth an e-300, unfortunately a few months ago i inserted the memory card the wrong way and so far it is out of order. the bended pins were replaced but isn't working right, something to do with the camara's program, they tell me. if it isn't fit in the next few days I will buy an e-500 body. please let me know how you get along with yours.
Dec 23 2005 14:33 GMT CB
You know how it is... the closer you live to the North Pole, the sooner Santa comes. Congratulations. Merry Christmas !
Dec 23 2005 14:41 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
You must have been a very good girl this year for Santa to be so nice! Congratulations!! I can't wait to see the pictures you take with this setup!
Dec 23 2005 14:50 GMT kuratko
nice clear shot..and great present...Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 23 2005 15:01 GMT lieke
Merry christmas to you....you should be in the seventh heaven yes....lucky you
Dec 23 2005 15:03 GMT JJAP
Congratulations and Merry Xmas!!!!!!!
Dec 23 2005 15:10 GMT rescue193uk PRO
really nice present, and you must have a very good santa there - hope you like your new toy and i for one look forward to seeing the results :)
Dec 23 2005 15:12 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Wow - congratulations! What a great present! Now you'll really embarrass us with your stunning photography! :)

I hope you and yours has a safe and Happy Holiday!
Dec 23 2005 15:19 GMT RainyDay
what a wonderful present =) lucky you !

and merry christmas to you too Kosmos!! :)
Dec 23 2005 15:32 GMT glassica
Åhhhh din lyckans ost!!!!!!! Vi väntar med spänning på resultaten!!!! Fast du kanske redan använt den och visat oss bilderna utan att vi vet...... En riktigt God Jul till dig och din familj!!!! =0)
Dec 23 2005 15:36 GMT fotoloekb PRO
Congrats, what a great present!
I shall mis you at the C765-club! :>)
And off course "Merry Christmas"!
Dec 23 2005 15:47 GMT grenthal
enjoy with it!
I hope we'll see soon it's photos!
Dec 23 2005 15:49 GMT potterjo
Your pictures are sooo good santa decided you needed a new toy to get even better! Have fun!
Dec 23 2005 16:38 GMT montello
oooooooh, your pictures will even be beter.....!!!!!!! I will faint !
Dec 23 2005 16:38 GMT montello
oooooooh, your pictures will even be beter.....!!!!!!! I will faint !
Dec 23 2005 16:43 GMT olya PRO
Yeah!! Happy Day!
Dec 23 2005 16:45 GMT bertel
NO NO NO You do not need a new camera. Your photos is so great as they can be.
Can I have it instead ?
Merry x-mas/Bertel
Dec 23 2005 16:54 GMT AshleyChen
envy envy envy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want my DSLR, I want my DSLR, I want my DSLR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 23 2005 16:56 GMT duncan
You got the extra good lens. I am happy for you. I will be watching because I want one of those also. I am sure you will have a happy Christmas.
Dec 23 2005 17:08 GMT duncan
nicoalfredo: Write a letter or email your Olympus national marketing manager. Explain what happened and accept the blame. Send them a picture of Kosmos' Camera and say how envious you are. You may well get the e500 body at cost and a new card as well. I damaged my Olympus C70 lens.Accepted the blame and was given a replacement at cost and a 128 XD card as well. Olympus are in need of a lot of marketting help. Just quote the number of members of this site and they will know the value of goodwill. They may even donate an E500 to the site as a challenge Prize. I would if I was marketting manager and I retired at 45. Good luck and I will pray for a good result in your endevours.
Dec 23 2005 17:08 GMT Satto
Whhoowww...sicken trevlig tomte du har..:-)
God Jul på dig Kosmos och till hela din familj:-)
Dec 23 2005 17:17 GMT ashdad PRO
Congratulation! And Merry Christmas.
Dec 23 2005 17:21 GMT duncan
Kosmos: Send this photo to your Olympus National Company. Tell them about all the comments. Suggest they donate one to the fotothing site as a challenge prize. With the number of members on this site they should jump at it.They were never a generous company, but things are changing and they need all the help they can get to stay in the digital camera market.Their cameras and lenses are the best. Your 765 photos proved that point.I hope to be able to buy my wife an E500 on mothers day in May. She loves looking at my photos.
Dec 23 2005 17:21 GMT cecilterwiliger
Woa! With the amazing photos from your other camera, I can't wait to see the ones with this one. This is a Christmas present for all of us.
Dec 23 2005 17:24 GMT maiylah
i agree with bertel...
lol. :))

Merry Christmas to you and your family, kosmos! :))
Dec 23 2005 17:30 GMT Lensvision
Wow, this means we can stop taking pics now.....;))))))
You must have been a very good girl to get Santa to bring you this.
Congrats!!!!!!! and have a great Christmas.
Dec 23 2005 17:32 GMT Milan
Nice camera indeed. I just felt awakward with the 4/3 format, but otherwise seems pretty good.
Dec 23 2005 18:34 GMT nicoalfredo
the problem is more dificult that it appears, I live in Venezuela and the local
OLYMPUS REPRESENTATIVE DOESN'T HANDLE THE E-300 OR THE E-500 DUE TO high costs and low turnabour, I guess. I would have to send it to USA, thanks for your advice. fortunately enought, i still have my lod Olympus C-5050 that has been of great help.
Dec 23 2005 18:39 GMT sinned
Duncan: Thats a very good idea, the E500 here makes a good exposure for Olympus... I'll wait for it in the challenge.. :) I wish nicoalfredo all the luck...

Merry christmas to you both and to your family...
Dec 23 2005 18:40 GMT sinned
wow! i want her to be mine too.... :) very beautiful camera...
Dec 23 2005 18:55 GMT punksafetypin
Congratulations! Looks like Santa visited both you and me early this year. I hope to see tons of wonderful pictures... as usual. ^_^
Merry Christmas!!!
Dec 23 2005 19:22 GMT puppra
A great tool for a great artist. I am anxious for the tense...
Dec 23 2005 19:26 GMT Elly
enjoy your new "toy"and let us enjoy too.
Merry Christmas.
Dec 23 2005 19:51 GMT grimp PRO
Oh, nice present, kisses to Santa
Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!
Dec 23 2005 20:26 GMT fhelsing PRO
wonderful, you deserve it!
Dec 23 2005 20:55 GMT pAdelie
congrats! let us know how you like it . (i slept with my canon rebel xt the first coupla days :)
Dec 23 2005 21:49 GMT curves PRO
The one I'm saving for
Dec 23 2005 22:00 GMT dega25
very nice present...looking forward to see more beautiful pics from your good eye....all the best*****
Dec 23 2005 23:28 GMT lumaciel
Merry Christmas for you, and your family
Dec 24 2005 00:00 GMT marijke06
lucky you!! thank to santa!
wish you even more luck these christmas days...:))
Dec 24 2005 00:58 GMT mavik
Wow! One couldn't ask for more for a gift like this!!! A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!!
Dec 24 2005 01:12 GMT duncan
pAdelie: If you have any babies as a result of your bed companion, (rebel XT)can I have one with a zoom.LOL.
Dec 24 2005 07:07 GMT starlightfish
what a wonderful gift!!!
merry christmas to you :)
Dec 24 2005 07:33 GMT hippopotamus
Dec 24 2005 08:01 GMT Glo
you must been a good girl all year long!! :D
Merry Christamas Kosmos :)
Dec 24 2005 09:27 GMT jboia
Good girl. I feel envious...An Excellent Xmas...
Dec 24 2005 09:52 GMT parnian
Merry Christmas to you!
Dec 24 2005 18:29 GMT bennystr
Congratulations, have a lot of fun with yor new gift!
Merry Christmas!
Dec 27 2005 05:16 GMT Milibuh
Merry Christmas and my best wishes for you and your new friend Olympus...
Dec 28 2005 14:43 GMT PennyLane PRO
Christmas greetings to you too!