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In 1526 Jovan Nenad, a leader of the Serb mercenaries, established his rule in Bačka, northern Banat and a small part of Syrmia. He created an ephemeral independent state, with Subotica as its capital. At the peak of his power, Jovan Nenad proclaimed himself Serbian Emperor in Subotica. Taking advantage of the extremely confused military and political situation, the Hungarian noblemen from the region joined forces against him and defeated the Serbian troops in the summer of 1527. Emperor Jovan Nenad was assassinated and his state collapsed. A few decades later, the region was added to the Ottoman Empire, which ruled over it until the end of the 17th and the first half of the 18th century, when it was incorporated into the Habsburg Monarchy. At the beginning of Habsburg rule, most of the region was integrated into the Habsburg Military Frontier district, while western parts of Bačka were put under civil administration within Bač county. Later, the civil administration was expanded to other (mostly northern) parts of the region, while southern parts remained under military administration.

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Comments on this photo:

May 06 2007 08:42 GMT grenthal
predivne slike!
May 06 2007 09:23 GMT grenthal
May 06 2007 09:36 GMT korni
May 06 2007 12:00 GMT linnywv PRO
Thank you for the history! Wonderful scene.......so colorful and full of life!
May 08 2007 20:28 GMT jceca PRO
eh, kad nisam ja slikala ovo, bar ti jesi ...
hoću već odavno to da uradim, sa sve ovim podacima, ali svaki put kad odem u grad, ili mi je naspram sunca, ili je ono grozno svetlo sivo nebo što izgleda bezbojno na slici ... i spomenik onda bude taman ...

sve mi se sviđaju ...