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David read a book by a guy that has the miracle cures doctors and the government dont want you to know. Virgin coconut oil is one of the things that is supposed to help high blood pressure, arthritis, and weight loss, etc., etc. Its melting point is 78 degrees--so it is sometimes solid in your air conditioned home, but you don't want to take it that way--its too ishy in your mouth.
I just warm up the shot glass and put the schnapps in with the solid coconut oil and then set it over the pilot light on the stove for a few minutes for a yummy warm drink. (Actually--the oil floats and the butterschnapps leaves a better taste in your mouth) I'll let ya know when I get all skinny with a good heart! hahahaha
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 21 2008 22:50 GMT LisaSam67
oh i'm gonna try this too!!!!!!!!!
Aug 23 2008 00:15 GMT JPHarr
What is a virgin coconut?!?!
Aug 23 2008 20:00 GMT Tom33
an interesting concept and choice of ingredients - good luck
Aug 24 2008 02:06 GMT martini957
LOL...you look great and you have a good heart already...so send this to someone who TRULY needs it...like MEEEEEEEEEEE
Aug 24 2008 14:29 GMT granitbiscut
Well if the coconut dosn't make you feel better The schnapps will do the trick for sure . :)))
Aug 25 2008 20:19 GMT LisaSam67
Sep 01 2008 04:32 GMT LisaSam67sMUM
Here's to Virgin Coconut Oil and getting skinny!
Sep 03 2008 17:49 GMT kimbob
it's the same concept as the virgin olive oil---
Sep 24 2008 03:09 GMT LisaSam67
OHHHHH there's video up of me peddling
let me find you the link
Sep 24 2008 03:12 GMT LisaSam67

under that pic are links to the video... you can pick youtube or flickr to watch it on
if you go to youtube there's other family videos you can peek at ;-) Like me kayaking into and breaking a tree hahahahaha
Sep 29 2008 19:21 GMT jomoud PRO
let me know if it works:):)