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Tags old house


My little old house
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 17 2007 01:26 GMT LisaSam67
i love it!!!!!!!!!!!

you got nine up today hehehehehehehehe

been paying attention i see?
Nov 17 2007 01:39 GMT kimbob
Oh yeah--I pay attention sometimes!!
Nov 17 2007 02:50 GMT JPHarr
My wife and I once rented an old farmhouse. It had a big red barn and lots of acreage that was no longer farmed. It was too far from anything, and on a dead-end dirt road.

Now we live in an old farmhouse, too, but it's smack-dab in the city. The place's former 80 acres are now all subdivision. Sometimes I miss the wide open space and the quiet.

Nice place you got here, ma'am!
Nov 17 2007 02:58 GMT kimbob
We have just been hearing that a switching yard for a gravel outfit out of SoDak wants to operate out of the 40 acres that surround our 5! I was just telling Lisa I have been in shock for about a week now---------

It was good while it lasted------
Nov 17 2007 03:00 GMT LisaSam67
hey JPH sounds like you got a place like my fortuna house.... 1920's farmhouse... used to be wide open spaces now surrounded by apartments........ thank goodness it's zoned for building apts on it.... should be a lot easier to sell it... too bad they'll tear it down tho :(
Nov 17 2007 03:04 GMT martini957
Nov 17 2007 03:08 GMT kimbob
I see we all have appreciation for the finer things--older things--peaceful things------
Nov 17 2007 03:45 GMT JPHarr
Yeah, ours was built in 1885. When the land was finished being split up, back in the 1950s, this place was left with 1/2 an acre. It's enough, most of the time. We have a lot of history that came with the house, including maps of how the farm and fields were laid out, as well as a very long written history of living here 100 years ago. Very cool.
Nov 17 2007 03:47 GMT JPHarr
And luckily, it's almost all residential around here. A couple of doctor's offices. This house should be here a long time, as it should be. ;-)
Nov 17 2007 03:56 GMT LisaSam67
weird i have 1/2 an acre there too
I have pictures of the victorian house and the family that lived there before it burnt down
my house was the replacement to that
it's neat knowing about a place..... makes it more special
we have good memories there but unfortunately a LOT of bad ones during our last 4 years there....... i can't wait to put it behind me... but it's still a little bit sad

the walls are solid old growth redwood.... it's worth in wood alone is amazing and i just know whats going to happen to it when i sell it :(
Nov 17 2007 04:07 GMT kimbob
We got photos from the last lady that grew up in our house, and a bit of a story. Several of the old outbuildings have nippy bottles stashed in them!
Nov 17 2007 23:59 GMT Poulet PRO
VERY lovely house!!!! :))
Nov 21 2007 16:18 GMT Sweetoes PRO
I love this house...wanna trade? I have a lake and woods and stuff...lol:0)
Nov 21 2007 16:21 GMT kimbob
You have a beautiful spot!!!