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A huge flock of birds swirling and chirping.
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 27 2007 03:17 GMT LisaSam67
Sweet shot!!!!!!!! love the barn and out buildings.. what kind of lense you got?
Oct 27 2007 03:32 GMT martini957
love it...great capture
Oct 27 2007 14:15 GMT kimbob
The camera one----------sad to say I have no idea!
Oct 27 2007 14:19 GMT kimbob
Thanks! I wish I knew how to get a better shot of them. They are moving about quickly and I was waiting to try and get the bulk of them and not just one end of the group. They just look like little dots here--but a bunch of dots!
Oct 27 2007 15:36 GMT LisaSam67
lol i'd say a bunch of dots..... ! lol
maybe it was the angle of the shot... the barn just looked a bit warped in a cool way so thought maybe you had a wide angle or fisheye thing going on there lol
somewhere in here the other day i found these amazing bird clump pictures... i'll have to find them and link you to them... they are sooo amazing
Oct 28 2007 00:49 GMT kimbob
My barn IS fiercely warped! Roof and sides--I shoudl take pics of that!! It's trippy.
Oct 29 2007 21:45 GMT jenylew
Kim- the original view of this photo is awesome and really gives the full effect very nicely of that huge honkin flock of birds. Your photo has plenty of detail, it's just on Fotothing sometimes they don't look as good as they do in original view.

In your caption if you say "View Original" - people will see just exactly how many thousands of dots they're lookin at! Great pic!
Oct 29 2007 22:23 GMT kimbob
Oh thank you jenylew!!
Nov 08 2007 19:19 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
I like this one too :)
Nov 08 2007 20:01 GMT kimbob
LauraMarie thanks for taking time to look!!