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Black Dynamite--- yeah--- it's a poodle cut!! Ain't it cute??
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Comments on this photo:

May 02 2008 20:14 GMT Doody PRO
thas so cruel Kim, it'll get a complex !!
May 02 2008 20:28 GMT LisaSam67
Lmao! How u been cuz?
May 02 2008 20:28 GMT kimbob
They are so pampered!
May 02 2008 21:30 GMT verarenm
Lovely animal. Is it necessary?
May 03 2008 01:29 GMT martini957
interesting animals....is the cut for show or comfort
May 05 2008 00:23 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
Great Series of photos. They are so cute.
May 07 2008 20:10 GMT kimbob
They are shorn like sheep--for the fleece. The fleece is way more expensive than sheep's (wool) fleece. These Alpacas are not eaten, however. And only shorn once a year--the rest of the time they just hang out and eat, and join in all the little alpaca games!
May 08 2008 12:59 GMT granitbiscut
I hope it's warm enough for a hair cut like that.
May 08 2008 17:17 GMT jomoud PRO
Cute shot my friend:):)
I am back from vacation and slowly am visiting the archives of my friends again, to discover what they posted while I was away.
May 19 2008 21:21 GMT kimbob
I saw some vacation stuff--that looked so wonderful!!
May 19 2008 21:23 GMT kimbob
These guys are champions for their fleeces! They have a snuggly barn and friends and can romp outside whenever---they have a blessed life!!
May 19 2008 23:31 GMT JPHarr
...cute? The first word I thought of was "dorky," but that's just me. ;-)