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sorry I had to delete the last upload of same pic as it went up too dark---

This is Butch's view from his pasture--two neighboring farms
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 13 2007 20:57 GMT henrybohawk
Dec 13 2007 21:01 GMT jamby PRO
love this landscape scenery of yours...my kind of wonder land!...this is a scenery that i can only dream of to witness with my own eyes! thank you for sharing :-)
Dec 13 2007 21:09 GMT kimbob
Isn't it pretty?? That is what Butch looks at all day---so far------
Dec 13 2007 21:10 GMT kimbob
Jamby--we should be making a trade---I would like to see some of your places!!! :)
Dec 13 2007 21:13 GMT Midworlder PRO
Beautiful winter landscape
Dec 13 2007 21:14 GMT kimbob
Thanks for looking!!
Dec 13 2007 21:15 GMT sini
Wonderful winter view! Great entry!:)
Dec 13 2007 21:16 GMT jamby PRO
which place of mine you wanna see...? :-) I live in Holland but my homeland is Philippines..cold and warm country but don't have the oppurtunity to really see as much snow like in your place..:-)
Dec 13 2007 21:16 GMT kimbob
sini--thank you so much!!
Dec 13 2007 21:17 GMT kimbob
that would probably be a two for one trade then!! good deal for me!!
Dec 13 2007 21:36 GMT abojovna PRO
Excelent, romantic winter scenery! Beautiful landscapefriday entry! Thank you for comment!
Dec 13 2007 22:49 GMT jomoud PRO
Splendid capture my dear friend.
Fabulous entry for this week's theme
Have a great weekend
Dec 13 2007 23:47 GMT kimbob
Thank you so much abojovna!!
Dec 13 2007 23:48 GMT kimbob
Thank you John!!
Dec 13 2007 23:56 GMT peterpinhole
Beautiful winter scene. Super entry! Thanks for all your kind comments.
Dec 13 2007 23:57 GMT kimbob
Thanks for looking in!!
Dec 14 2007 00:11 GMT gafaway
this is just so magical ! wonderful landacape entry !
Dec 14 2007 00:15 GMT kimbob
Thanks for your kind comments gafaway!!!
Dec 14 2007 00:20 GMT LisaSam67
Dec 14 2007 00:22 GMT kimbob
Oh thanks there Lisa!! Nice fishies!! Bet that was fun!!!
Dec 14 2007 01:34 GMT LisaSam67
ya... poor nina... used up all her camera batteries on the bus hahahaha
Dec 14 2007 01:48 GMT Poulet PRO
Beautiful winter scene!
Great entry!

Have a beautiful weekend, Kim. :))
Dec 14 2007 01:55 GMT fourdeadpresidents
Wow that is great!!!

Reminds me of the "old house place" as we call it.
Dec 14 2007 02:19 GMT kimbob
Battery charger for Christmas-----
Dec 14 2007 02:20 GMT kimbob
Thanks Poulet!!!
Dec 14 2007 02:21 GMT kimbob
One neighbors barn and the other neighbors house---pretty scenic--till the gravel crushers get in the way------
Dec 14 2007 02:26 GMT LisaSam67
got one but it's at home LMAO
Dec 14 2007 02:36 GMT LisaSam67
hehehehehehehe MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!!!!!!!!
MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



got you a wee little present cuz ;-)))))))))))))))

now you won't run out of messages anymore!
Dec 14 2007 03:05 GMT kimbob
Oh my god---lisa---that is so cool!!! thank you---I'm crying------oh--I have to go tell David-------
Dec 14 2007 03:14 GMT LisaSam67
omg you are crying???????? NOOOOOOOOOOOO not supposed to CRY!!!!!!

hehe :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I love ya :-)
Dec 14 2007 04:15 GMT Londi PRO
Ohhhhh....How cool Lisa the gift!!

Kimbob: this scene should be made in to one of those beautiful puzzles that you buy! It has all the lovely qualities!!! You did good here kiddo!!!
Dec 14 2007 04:28 GMT kimbob
Londi---thank you so much for your kind words!!

How cool the gift is right!! I am blessed!!
Dec 14 2007 04:33 GMT IrinaWrenn
Dec 14 2007 04:34 GMT kimbob
Irina-thanks for looking!!!
Dec 14 2007 06:08 GMT rainbow71
That is stunning, well done!!
Dec 14 2007 06:12 GMT znacke
wow, this is gorgeous....perfect presentation....
Dec 14 2007 07:04 GMT charlotte
fantastic shot!
Dec 14 2007 07:07 GMT voodoo23
poetic shot
Dec 14 2007 07:09 GMT voodoo23
they should be seen in original size...it happen to my pics alot
Dec 14 2007 07:12 GMT alhoafun
wow, so soft & beautiful
Dec 14 2007 08:20 GMT Znuber
Wonderful scenery with awesome pale colours distributed harmoniously to the depth of the view:-)))
This one goes to my favs..............
Dec 14 2007 09:28 GMT dcz
Dec 14 2007 13:28 GMT photomom
beautiful shot, awesome
Dec 14 2007 13:50 GMT Portasejanelas
gorgeous landscape. I wish I could see experience such a place for myself, along with the cold (though I'm not sure I could stand it for long)
Dec 14 2007 14:36 GMT pauli3522
Dec 14 2007 14:48 GMT dpeteryes
Amazing foto!!!
Dec 14 2007 14:56 GMT kimbob
voodoo---I think I pick them out of the camera software at original size and then you are so right the look dark when unloaded---at the newspaper we always adjusted the levels on photos to print and I am finding I need to do that here often times!! Thanks for you comments!!
Dec 14 2007 14:58 GMT kimbob
Thanks rainbow!!
Dec 14 2007 14:59 GMT kimbob
znacke thanks for your kind comments!!
Dec 14 2007 15:00 GMT kimbob
Thanks charlotte, I am enjoying your photos here too!!
Dec 14 2007 15:01 GMT kimbob
alhoafun thanks for taking time to comment, it is appreciated!!
Dec 14 2007 15:02 GMT kimbob
Znuber thanks for faving!!!
Dec 14 2007 15:02 GMT kimbob
dcz---thank you my friend!!
Dec 14 2007 15:03 GMT kimbob
thank you photomom!!
Dec 14 2007 15:04 GMT kimbob
I would love to trade with you some time Portasejanelas!!
Dec 14 2007 15:05 GMT kimbob
thanks dpeteryes!!
Dec 14 2007 16:35 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
This is a really nice picture. You take such lovely photos
Dec 14 2007 16:48 GMT martini957
so beautiful Kimbob...great shot indeed!!!
Dec 14 2007 20:38 GMT Adamus
Fantastic entry.
Dec 14 2007 23:54 GMT jceca PRO
i really, really hate winter ( it's snowing here right now too ) ... BUT ... LOVE to see so gorgeous photos of snowy landscape !!!!
especially in a sunny day .... :-)

excellent entry
Dec 14 2007 23:56 GMT kimbob
Thanks Adamus!!!
Dec 14 2007 23:58 GMT kimbob
I hear you---I am glad I can take a good photo of it once in a while---I hate driving in it and what it does to your car!!

Thanks for your kind words!!
Dec 15 2007 00:17 GMT blue
i want to be there!
Dec 15 2007 00:29 GMT jamesrb PRO
Just beautiful !!
Dec 15 2007 00:35 GMT kimbob
Thank you LauraMarie--
Dec 15 2007 00:36 GMT kimbob
thank you sweet martini!!
Dec 15 2007 00:38 GMT kimbob
blue--just close your eyes and click your heels together three times . . .
Dec 15 2007 00:39 GMT kimbob
Thanks my friend James!!!
Dec 15 2007 17:36 GMT soldier
Amazing entry my friend!!! xcelent working!
Dec 15 2007 18:41 GMT kimbob
thanks for the kind words soldier!!
Dec 15 2007 19:07 GMT hbla PRO
beautiful landscape
Dec 15 2007 19:40 GMT Nina97
love pic
Dec 15 2007 23:01 GMT Archer
Wonderful, just wonderful entry!
Dec 15 2007 23:50 GMT kimbob
hbla---thanks for looking at my frozen world!!
Dec 15 2007 23:51 GMT kimbob
Thanks Nina!!
Dec 15 2007 23:53 GMT kimbob
Thanks for commenting Archer!!
Dec 16 2007 00:04 GMT zeba
fantastic image!!!
Dec 16 2007 00:15 GMT kimbob
Thank you my friend!!
Dec 16 2007 00:28 GMT aquiles PRO
WONDERFUL VIEW and SUPEB PICTURE!!!!!!!!...i used to have a very similar view many, many years ago in Rowlands Castle, Hants., England !!!!!
Dec 16 2007 00:32 GMT karlbark
Wooow! A-mazing winter-scape here!
I just love it! :-)

Best regards,
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Dec 16 2007 00:34 GMT kimbob
This view is from Cologne, Minnesota, USA

glad you enjoy it!!!
Dec 16 2007 00:38 GMT aquiles PRO
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ))))
Dec 16 2007 00:40 GMT kimbob
Thank you Karl!!!
Dec 16 2007 04:06 GMT iyerhari
the real beauty of landscape:))
Dec 16 2007 04:09 GMT kimbob
Thank you my friend !!
Dec 16 2007 11:24 GMT Portasejanelas
lets plan it then!!!! ;))))))
Dec 16 2007 19:31 GMT kimbob
Portasejanelas----Winter vacation to here would be summer vacation for you, I am thinking-------
winter activities would be snowmobiling, snoeshoeing, skiing and ice fishing, sledding and drinking hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps. How about that??
Dec 16 2007 19:50 GMT LisaSam67
woweee cuz! look at those favs!!!!! you did GOOD
Dec 16 2007 20:03 GMT kimbob
It seems rather Currier and Ives-ish-------doesn't it?
Dec 16 2007 20:16 GMT LisaSam67
totally!!!!!!!!! Christmas Card material!
Dec 17 2007 17:19 GMT ldhill62
lovely view :))
Dec 17 2007 17:27 GMT kimbob
Thank you so much ldhill !!
Dec 17 2007 19:01 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Dec 17 2007 19:02 GMT kimbob
Thank you so much my friend!!
Dec 18 2007 21:20 GMT Portasejanelas
Now you got me confused!!!! where are you exactly? I was at the assumption that this was northern emisphere, right???? So...it is winter, as it is here!!!! Madeira island is a sub tropical island but still way above the Equator. Our Winters aren't comparable in cold, though ;)))) Still I would really love to go there!!!!
Dec 18 2007 22:32 GMT kimbob
See there--I am the one that is uninformed!!! I thought you were on the other side of the equator--and no idea why I thought that---I just did! I am in Minnesota which is on the upper border of the US. We live outside Minneapolis, which is the capital city of the state.


there is my weather forecast so you can plan your trip!!!
Dec 19 2007 02:50 GMT karlbark
I just saw this picture again, and I really want to give another comment on it!
I am just so impressed by this view - amazing winter beauty :-)

Best regards,
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Dec 19 2007 04:33 GMT kimbob
Karl---I am so glad you enjoy it!! It means a lot that you said so--------
You are so kind.
Thanks alot!!
Dec 19 2007 05:16 GMT h43
absolutely gorgeous.
Dec 19 2007 05:27 GMT kimbob
Thank you!!!
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