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Comments on this photo:

Sep 01 2011 15:04 GMT nicnic1978xx
she doesnt look happy :-)))))
Sep 01 2011 15:09 GMT kazzy49
are they looking any better?..
Sep 01 2011 15:16 GMT nicnic1978xx
the one of dylan is loads better than the others you had done but im no expert just go with what you think will get better with time you have only had camera a few days ... but you doing fine just keep clicking but there defo getting better look at that one you did of shannon she was so blurred you could make her out lol... then look at dylan thats a big step xx
Sep 01 2011 16:15 GMT kazzy49
i need to get used to the size and weight of this camera...its strange to me after only using small ones xx
Sep 01 2011 19:07 GMT siltyg
What camera are you using??? how are you holding it??
Sep 01 2011 20:26 GMT kazzy49
Im using a fugi HS20...I'm only used to holding a small lumix DMC-TZ9...this new camera feels really heavy to me and strange to hold and I find that im shaking a little when i go to snap the picture.
Sep 02 2011 08:56 GMT siltyg
Think about how your holding the camera., you need to become a tripod. Your left hand should be craddling the lens underneath for support, bring your left elbow in tight to your side. Stand with your feet slighty apart right leg slighty back so your footing is firm, relax. the more the lens is extended the more shake you will get so for long shots use a tripod
Sep 02 2011 11:21 GMT kazzy49
aaww thanks so much...i will do that next time
Sep 02 2011 12:03 GMT siltyg
No probs glad to help
Sep 04 2011 15:39 GMT lynnj04
Hello Kaz this is becoming a family affair lol welcome to fotothing :-))
Sep 05 2011 18:45 GMT kazzy49
thanks for the coments all...hi there Lynn, thanks for the welcome..sure looks like it Lynn lol
Sep 07 2011 14:08 GMT Foggydew
great moment!