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Hi all, Im sorry.....a little late in uploading. - I humbly beg your forgiveness and mercy :-)

Well, I was visiting a friend in Denmark -one day we were out driving when we noticed a black plume of smoke beginning to rise behind a small wooded area. The plume soon began to grow quite huge (!) so we decided to check it out. As it turned out, we were actually among the first on the scene. But alas, unfortunately there wasnt anything we could do, really. Eventually the fire brigade showed up (having driven there from the nearest town), but by then, most of the crops, wich were ready for bale-ing (sp?) had all gone up in smoke.
-The pole in the picture fell to the ground when the fire got to it!
-The weather was swelteringly hot & dry, and had been so for many days.
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 01 2008 01:39 GMT peterpinhole
Wow nice timing for this weeks theme! I hope it was an intentional burn...sometimes my Grandfather would light the feild on fire just to keep the weeds at bay.
Great entry!
Mar 01 2008 02:08 GMT Midworlder PRO
A good choice
Mar 01 2008 03:20 GMT jomoud PRO
Great shot
Terrific entry for this theme
Have a wonderful weekend.
Mar 01 2008 03:48 GMT gafaway
excellent entry and photo !
Mar 01 2008 04:29 GMT aquiles PRO
Mar 01 2008 06:00 GMT karlbark
-Thank you all for your comments :-)
-peterpinhole: No, unfortunately this was no planned burn. :-(

Mar 01 2008 06:42 GMT sini
Wonderful capture! Great hot entry!:)
Mar 01 2008 07:29 GMT dcz
Mar 01 2008 07:37 GMT Squirrel PRO
VERY GOOD PHOTO AND HOT ENTRY......................................................................
Mar 01 2008 07:39 GMT marijke06
great entry....good find!
Mar 01 2008 07:53 GMT rainbow71
Really great entry, feel sorry for the farmer!
Mar 01 2008 08:07 GMT soldier
Interesting entry!
Mar 01 2008 12:19 GMT Jakeobean
Karlbark...when I first looked at this photograph...I thought it was an intentional burn of the field...but upon reading your narrative....it was obviously a fire out of control....it was lucky that you noticed this fire......great capture.......
Mar 01 2008 18:42 GMT Cooler PRO
Excellent capture and entry ;-)
Mar 02 2008 13:33 GMT Studio88
First on the Scene - I also thought it was a controlled burn - Fabulous Capture & Entry ;-))
Mar 03 2008 03:31 GMT palakol
Great Shot.. c",)
Mar 03 2008 09:59 GMT linnywv PRO
It's amazing to watch how fast fire spreads, isn't it? Great capture!
Mar 03 2008 14:55 GMT ArlenTavares
obrigado amigo
Mar 03 2008 19:19 GMT Rosalie50
Terrific fire!
Mar 04 2008 02:18 GMT tmq666 PRO
kind of surreal, in a way i cannot explain--very cinematic shot--i want this to be part of a movie. someone make a movie
Mar 04 2008 03:13 GMT bluefam
Mar 04 2008 05:44 GMT jett366
great catch!
Mar 04 2008 15:35 GMT hokomoko
hot indeed good photo..........
Mar 04 2008 15:47 GMT vepsu
Good job! and thx for yours comments.
Mar 04 2008 18:52 GMT rosecafe
sounds kinda dangerous huh
Mar 04 2008 19:24 GMT Firecrest
You have done a great job.
Thank you so much for your kindly comments.
Best recards from holland.
Mar 04 2008 22:02 GMT Nodster
interesting capture
Mar 05 2008 00:37 GMT abojovna PRO
Dramatic photo!
Mar 05 2008 03:08 GMT PhotoPro PRO
that's a shame
you certainly were in the right place at the right time
Mar 05 2008 08:32 GMT pp11364
Very expressive shot.
Mar 05 2008 15:06 GMT pauli3522
i like this karl...well done
Mar 05 2008 18:21 GMT magnus
very impressive picture
Mar 05 2008 21:43 GMT ducati999
ooooh great shot
Mar 06 2008 05:12 GMT Lucky222
This is a terrible loss, all the work and all that food, great shot, it sure looks like a big area burned.
Mar 08 2008 00:53 GMT LittleOurkie PRO
Great shot. Must have been a scary experience.
I have helped neighbors fight a grass fire....hot and hard work. Glad that the professionals responded quickly.