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I have missed so many funfridays recently, so although Iīm a little bit too late, Iīm still going to enter this shot for friendsfriday. (Yes, I know Iīm cheating a bit, but still....itīs not a major offense, I think) ;-)

I was photographing the quite picturesque building(s) on the waterfront in Tórshavn, the capital town of the Faroe Islands. (Wich are out in the north Atlantic ocean, between Iceland and the UK).
Then these two happy go lucky characters called me over and demanded that I photograph them instead of te buildings! (lol)..........wich I was quite happy to do, of course. :-D

Well, anyway, this is my first funfriday picture in quite a while: FRIENDSFRIDAY! :-)
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 20 2007 04:42 GMT Midworlder PRO
Cheers !!
Oct 20 2007 05:30 GMT PhotoPro PRO
great entry -- glad you played!!
Oct 20 2007 05:55 GMT paintpictures
skal, cheers, prost
Oct 20 2007 06:22 GMT sayalio
Great image, I still remember this pic I saw at very first days here! :-))
Oct 20 2007 10:22 GMT LizSA
Cheers... Hello Karlbark.. this is a happy photo for sure.. Cheers.. friends..:-)
Oct 20 2007 13:21 GMT Jakeobean
Karl, it's good to hear that I'm not the only one who is stopped and asked to take someone's photograph, whom I don't know and probably will never see again....it must be the cameras we carry....great entry...friendship has no time limits........
Oct 20 2007 17:54 GMT Cooler PRO
Cheers friends, nice image and entry ;-)
Oct 20 2007 19:44 GMT Crowy
Well done Karl..
This is great !!!
Oct 21 2007 06:22 GMT karlbark
Argh, yes, youīre quite right, I *have* uploaded this picture before! Thatīs kind of like cheating, isnīt it? ;-) Darn it! I donīt do that :-) (normally, that is). But in this case I was already late with the FunFriday entry, so I didnīt take the time to check.
Also, I have worked somewhat on it since last time, cropped it, fixed levels & contrast and added a border.....so itīs not *exactly* the same one as last time.
Thatīs got to count for something, right? :-D
Oct 21 2007 09:50 GMT charlotte
this picture i remember it to, impressive. I love to see it again!
Oct 21 2007 18:30 GMT AlisonBelinda
I remember this one! It looks as good now as it did then :o)
Oct 22 2007 15:57 GMT SIGMUND
Great entry!!
Oct 22 2007 17:35 GMT JPHarr
They seem to have extras ~ did they offer to share?
Oct 22 2007 18:06 GMT karlbark
Hehehe....well, I donīt really recall. (So I suspect that they didnīt. It wasnīt a long encounter after all).
But they were in fact so much in "buddy mode" ;-D that they would surely have done so if I had stayed a bit longer... :-)
Oct 22 2007 18:25 GMT JPHarr
They certainly look to be in high-gear "buddy mode!"

In fact, it appears that buddy mode is all they do anymore.

(Note to self: focus on work and family, buddy mode is for much later)
Oct 24 2007 12:03 GMT Petra17
You are forgiven...that is a great picture!!!
Oct 27 2007 10:28 GMT Bowser
Great image, they look like they have ben enjoying themselves - Hi KarlBark have a good weekend.
Dec 11 2007 15:29 GMT nimbus
and....greek versio is στην υγειά σας!