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(Moan) I have no idea as to what to upload, really......
...my last upload was sort of out-of-season, wasn´t it ;-)

Amyway, I really liked the look of this bridge when I saw it - with this almost roman-style vaulting :-D.
(I was driving northward through Norway, (and then east) on my way to Sweden at the time. This is actually right by the UNESCO world heritage site, the town of Röros in the northern part of Norway.

The is the "Bergan" bridge in the "old king´s road" and was built in 1840.
I kept the original colour on the stones of the bridge, but removed the colour of the surroundings to keep focus on the bridge.
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 21 2007 16:56 GMT Poulet PRO
Wonderful place and shot!!!

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Karl! :))
Dec 21 2007 17:05 GMT Minou
Absolute beautiful shot !!

I am often visiting Norway and Tönsberg - my daughter and her family are living there ! :))
Dec 21 2007 17:38 GMT peterheaven
Wonderful shot!!!
Dec 21 2007 17:47 GMT LizSA
Beautiful... I really love these old bridges... so very special style...

Merry Christmas and Happy new Year...!!
Dec 21 2007 18:03 GMT sini
Wonderful image! Merry Christmas to you!:)
Dec 21 2007 18:23 GMT charlotte
Dec 21 2007 22:42 GMT PaP67
this is a perfect shot Karl !
Dec 22 2007 01:18 GMT Cooler PRO
Wonderful image and old bridge ;-)
Dec 22 2007 07:34 GMT senna3
Beautiful image!
I like this kind of pictures very much.
Dec 24 2007 06:04 GMT bluefam
Dec 30 2007 05:06 GMT Lucky222
It is a fantastic shot, thanks for the effort...

It tells more than many words can or would explain...
It really says a lot about local artisans it is a work of art in itself... much work and dedication constructing a bridge of this nature it had to be perfect and more likely will last a very long time....
It is very pleasant to see not like new concrete bridges... this work is not being done anymore...
Happy new year...
Jan 03 2008 12:43 GMT h43
This is lovely. I am always amazed at how they built these stone bridges and buildings without mortar etc. Well done. I love the effect of the coloured stones and the monochrome background. Well done.
Jan 07 2008 14:59 GMT peterpinhole
Great photo of interesting bridge!
Jan 07 2008 16:09 GMT lofox
Nice shot :))
Jan 09 2008 06:47 GMT pp11364
Well taken.
Jan 09 2008 13:46 GMT Felixthecat
Great timeless architecture!!
Jan 10 2008 07:47 GMT abojovna PRO
Nice photo! I am sorry, I am late!
Jan 10 2008 17:47 GMT nimbus
this is realy very great!
Jan 13 2008 06:27 GMT Godlieb
Jan 22 2008 07:54 GMT tacka

I like this one very much ... fav ...
Jan 22 2008 07:54 GMT tacka

I like this one very much ... fav ...
Jan 28 2008 10:08 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Beautiful composition and capture! Added to my favorites!
Feb 13 2008 10:36 GMT Tom33
art form plus engineering skill
Jun 28 2008 09:48 GMT sene
It's lovely. I guess I see everything from a poetic point of view. I am struck by the coldness of it (I mean that in a good way). The coldness of the rock but also the winter all around it. Right now we are having 95 degree weather, so cold feels good to me :>)
Jun 28 2008 12:33 GMT karlbark
A poetic view sounds very good to me, Sene :-)
The picture is actually taken quite far up north in Norway, so the flora and fauna are all somewhat tundra-like.