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Sterna paradisaea.
This Amazing little bird is the one single animal that travelles the longest distance,-by far! -In one year, they fly from their nesting-sites in the Arctic, -to the Antarctic, -and back!!

They just arrived a couple of days ago!! :-)
-I always note the date in wich the Arctic Tern arrives in Iceland.
It is an ornithologist's true interest, to keep track of these beautiful birds! :-)
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Comments on this photo:

May 13 2014 23:28 GMT karlbark

I want to note that this small, graceful little bird...-...is such an amazing flyer, that in the span of it's life, -it flies the equivalent distance as from the earth: to the moon -& back.....3....times!!!
May 14 2014 04:16 GMT ujbanyiv
Great Nature Photo.
May 14 2014 05:43 GMT MargNZ
Truly amazing flight Karl . We get excited here when the Godwit's arrive in September from the Arctic :))
May 14 2014 08:14 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Beautiful shot, Karl!
May 14 2014 10:55 GMT Papagena
Fabulous capture and amazing history Karl !!
May 14 2014 14:40 GMT Lalbabu
Super shot and great info including your comment !!!!
May 14 2014 15:18 GMT inna68
Thank you karl,for the story beneth the foto.....its really a great shot! very well done!
Jun 04 2014 00:32 GMT karlbark

Thank you all!!
-I am actually quite pleased with this photo of this beautiful little (but agressive) bird!
-I think it is so amazing that this little (and quite beautiful) bird, is able to fly from the Arctic to the Antarctic every year!
-Isn't that amazing?
-What do you think?
Jun 18 2014 17:56 GMT karlbark
I'd like to tell you a story about the "Kría" - "Sterna paradisaea". (We call it "Krííía").
When I was a teenager, I used to work at a farm. (Sheep and cows).
-Every afternoon I had to fetch the cows from the grass-field, where they grazed.
-Unfortunately, there was a group of "KRÍUR" (Sterna Paradisaea), who were enormously protective of their area. So they attacked me every time I went to fetch the cows home.
-Horrible!! -Just imagine a flock of sharp-beaked birds coming down upon your head and trying to peck a hole in your head!!

Nevertheless, these are my favourite birds in the whole world! -They have real schutzpah, after all !!! :-D