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Ok, this is a horrendous quality photo, I know.
But I´m going to upload a few shots (slides) that I recently scanned in, and wich I think will be a good way to finish my "ships" theme :-)
This was a severely underexposed shot, but it was (unfortunately) the only shot that I took as I was walking towards the accident site and so I´m uploading it anyway, just as an overview shot.

You can see the freighter Mariane Danielsen, wich stranded just by the entrance to Grindavík harbour on a windy january day. The local pilot was guiding the ship out of the harbour and out to sea. He later stated that the captain was visibly drunk and smelled stronly of alchohol! Because of this he decided to take the ship out a little further than was the norm. While they were taking the ship out of the harbour, the captain managed to fall/trip twice in the bridge of his ship!
When the pilot had handed the ship off to it´s crew and was (I think) on his way back to shore, he saw the ship make an abrupt turn and sail right onto the rocky beach at Hópsnes. (Very, very close to the town of Grindavík, as will be apparent from some of the other pictures).


Oops, -I just realized that this shot is supposed to be the other way round. That is, I made a mistake when I was scanning it. It should be mirrored, i.e. the bow should be pointing to the left.
Oh well. Not a big deal in this case ;-)
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