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Ok, a slight! variation on my recent ship pictures theme... ;-D
These are the viking stone ship settings of Anundshög in Sweden. (Also referred to as the Badelunda area).
The picture is taken from atop Sweden´s biggest burial mound. The whole area is basically littered with standing stones, burial mounds (many smaller ones apart from the huge one, called Anundshög) a large standing rune stone and 5 stone ships.
These are the largest of them, the biggest one being about 50x25 metres. (166x80 feet). They date from the 1st century.

I actually had some trouble finding any information about the site. It seems that it generally isn´t mentioned all that much...
-The ship settings have not been excavated, and in fact, I found little reference to any arceological work on the site! -Although to those "in the know" it is a unique site in Europe!


(Anunshög & the stone ships lie only 10 minutes from where I lived in Västerås, Sweden).
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 20 2008 08:51 GMT sini
So intersting image!:)
Nov 20 2008 09:01 GMT Minou
Interesting !! I have been living in Badelunda near Anundshög for thirty years!

At Bronsåldergatan !

/ Sol
Nov 20 2008 09:04 GMT teddybear2
Certainly a very interesting place.
Nov 20 2008 09:46 GMT karlbark
Aha! -Ja, hej Minou! :-)
Nu kommer inte jag riktigt ihåg vart det är nånstans. Men själv bodde jag i västra delen av Västerås.
(ICA på Råby var alldeles mitt emot där jag bodde): ;-)
-Så jag borde ha åkt dit mycket oftare än var jag gjorde...
-Mycket interessant område!!
(Jo, bara för att klargöra, så pratar jag inte! om Råby)! ;-D

Och I det stora och hela borde jag ha studerat fornlämningarna +historian i området mycket bättre. (Som sagt: mkt.interesse). -Jag var för övrigt ganska ofta nere på Tidö slott. (Byggt av Axel Oxienstierna f.o.m.1625). Det är ett vackert och särdeles välbevarat 1600-tals slott omgivet av vacker natur.
(Det är faktiskt ett naturreservat - t.ex. många Hjortar där)!

Nov 20 2008 13:33 GMT abojovna PRO
Precious photo, thank you very much for link!
Nov 20 2008 15:11 GMT linnywv PRO
How interesting!! Makes you think about how they carried those stones there.....Great shot!
Nov 20 2008 15:24 GMT sider
wonderful shot my friend and agree with Linny.. :))
Interesting for study about that's history of stones ship.
Nov 20 2008 16:17 GMT hans55 PRO
very very interresting history !!
Nov 20 2008 19:21 GMT lizzieb
Wow - isn't it amazing to see this, our countries are steeped in history!!!
Nov 20 2008 20:30 GMT otilia
So intersting and lovely image, my dear friend
Nov 20 2008 22:14 GMT Midworlder PRO
Very interesting photo and information
Nov 21 2008 06:16 GMT marijke06
Anundshög,,,,sverige...jag har varit dar en gang
nice to see it back!
Nov 21 2008 06:46 GMT karlbark
Aha! -Cool, Marijke :-)
I sort of just stubled upon this place myself after having moved to Västerås (the town close by) a few years ago. (But I´ve moved back to Iceland now, though).
I was soo amazed when I saw Anundshög & the surrounding area - extraordinarily interesting place! :-)
Nov 22 2008 13:04 GMT h43
This is really interesting. We have seen standing stones that were ancient like these in England and Scotland and burial mounds in Southern Ireland.
Nov 22 2008 14:37 GMT oldjerry
Very interesting stones I never have seen similar!
Nov 23 2008 10:40 GMT Elly
Itr's very interesting and nice picture.
Nov 23 2008 15:38 GMT Poulet PRO
Very interesting, Karl!
Nov 24 2008 22:54 GMT PaP67
very interesting report !