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(Taken at Thingvellir in Iceland - the spot where the American and European continental plates are sliding apart)
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 07 2007 18:04 GMT Midworlder PRO
Great information .. don't get stuck with a foot either side :-)))
Jul 07 2007 18:21 GMT bennystr
Wonderful contribution!
Jul 07 2007 19:03 GMT marijke06
Jul 07 2007 22:58 GMT Macfudge
Nice foto and interesting note!
Jul 08 2007 02:05 GMT LizSA
Wonderful....really....it is so beautiful......LIVEEARTH......
Iceland is beautiful....!
Jul 08 2007 02:18 GMT Poulet PRO
It's a wonderful contribute, Karl. :))
Jul 08 2007 04:06 GMT hallo
Wonderful scene and amazingly beautiful green!
Jul 08 2007 08:33 GMT Crowy
Hi Karl.
Very interesting fact..
We are running out of time....fast.
Great photo..
Jul 08 2007 12:00 GMT irashid
So Beautiful Capture!!!
Jul 08 2007 14:11 GMT sini
Wonderful image!:)
Jul 08 2007 17:55 GMT maguzz
sliding plates ? what a very special place ... ;-)
Jul 09 2007 01:21 GMT karlbark
Yes maguzz :-) (and thanks for the comment).

Here is a quote from wikipedia:
......as well as the special tectonic and volcanic environment. The continental drift can be clearly seen in the cracks or faults which are traversing the region, the biggest one, Almannagjá, being a veritable canyon. This causes also the often measurable earthquakes in the area.

Some of the rifts are full of surprisingly clear water.
One, Nikulásargjá, is better known as Peningagjá ('penny canyon'), as it is littered with coins at its bottom.
Throw in a coin, make a wish, and watch the coin carefully; legend has it that if you can see your coin hit the bottom it will come true.
Jul 09 2007 04:05 GMT wifey
Breathtakingly wonderful!
Jul 09 2007 06:20 GMT Sanba38
LOL! Doesn't get much more live than that!
Jul 09 2007 08:25 GMT Snappa
Very interesting Karl..I don't know much about Iceland, I shall have to make a point of learning more.
Jul 09 2007 13:58 GMT potterjo
Very impressive! You caught the light very well!
Jul 09 2007 15:52 GMT Elly
Iceland muast be very beautiful, one told me. and it is true, you are showing us.
Jul 10 2007 04:25 GMT larrybenedict
I like the picture Karl, but I didn't see any cracks.
Jul 10 2007 17:46 GMT abojovna PRO
Thank you! Wonderful place and photo!
Jul 10 2007 17:51 GMT Rocco
Very interesting /nice photos
Jul 11 2007 03:22 GMT karlbark
I´m standing in the crack, larrybenedict :-)
Thanks for the comment.
Jul 16 2007 13:29 GMT lofox
beautiful place :)
Jul 22 2007 03:41 GMT BuckleBunny
Oh WOW... very interesting rock formations AND info too!!!
Jul 23 2007 06:29 GMT bluefam
so beautiful.
Jul 24 2007 03:04 GMT jomoud PRO
gorgeous shot Karl
very beautiful as well as interesting scenery
Jul 26 2007 05:02 GMT bluefam
so beautiful.
Sep 02 2007 20:03 GMT irashid
Nice !!!
Dec 11 2007 15:31 GMT nimbus
like what?