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Hi all you wonderful Fotothingers :-D

I have been away for a while, since I have just moved into a new apartment - and since I havenīt fully "set up" yet, it will probably be a while yet with limited activity in here.
-Just to let you know. :-)

Well, since I havenīt been photographing much recently, Iīll upload this wonderful autumn scene from a trip to a friend in Norway. It is taken by a lake called Randsfjorden wich, despite itīs name, is not a sea fjord at all but a very long and narrow freshwater lake.

-Again: HI EVERYBODY!! :-D
Karl Trausti from Iceland
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 30 2007 06:36 GMT Jakeobean
Karl...good to see you back...wonderful landscape photograph showing the wonderful colours of autumn......
Sep 30 2007 06:56 GMT Midworlder PRO
Hi Karl ... take your time, just keep drip feeding us these awesome images and we will be happy.
Sep 30 2007 07:05 GMT ETS2
Soooo beautiful!!!
Sep 30 2007 07:11 GMT dolors
Sep 30 2007 09:05 GMT simisa
Fantastic autumn colours!
Sep 30 2007 09:08 GMT u40
wspaniały widok
Sep 30 2007 11:22 GMT sini
Beautiful colours and view!:)
Sep 30 2007 13:08 GMT LittleOurkie PRO
welcome back................this is lovely!
Sep 30 2007 13:23 GMT Poulet PRO
Hi Karl!
Glad to see you back!
It's a wonderful scene. :)))
Sep 30 2007 17:53 GMT Cooler PRO
Beautiful image and autumn colors dear friend ;-)
Oct 01 2007 07:38 GMT tjohanna
Nice to see you Karl, and a very good autumn shot!
Oct 01 2007 11:24 GMT buzu
Hi Karl, you take extaordinary photos Very Well Done !!!
Oct 01 2007 17:48 GMT PaP67
the magic canadian indian spring...in NORGE !
Oct 01 2007 19:24 GMT AlisonBelinda
Wonderful colours! Autumn is so beautiful.
Oct 02 2007 02:50 GMT larrybenedict
Meget vakker bilde. From my place on the planet, it doesn't seem possible for the leaves to be turning gold again so soon. Nice to see a new post from you Karl.
Oct 02 2007 08:49 GMT buzu
Great shot My Friend Karl !
Thanks for your comments.
Oct 02 2007 22:49 GMT elbeaver
Welcome back Karl! Keep the best of photos coming :)
Oct 03 2007 05:52 GMT shaista
Oct 03 2007 12:41 GMT irashid
great detail! excellent photo!
Oct 11 2007 02:36 GMT linnywv PRO
How did this get past me! It's perfect!!!!
Oct 11 2007 07:01 GMT micati
Very nice view......excellent work...:))
Oct 11 2007 15:24 GMT senna3
Excellent photo and nice to see again your pictures!
Oct 18 2007 21:31 GMT Molivac
Wonderful landscape !!!!
Nov 18 2007 07:16 GMT gwen83
A beautiful photo:)))
Nov 25 2007 14:25 GMT alaleh
I love it.
Pleasant, ...and ....place.
Dec 11 2007 07:55 GMT znacke
Fantastic....amazing autumn colors and beautiful nature...
Dec 19 2007 04:32 GMT bluefam
very nice.
Jan 13 2008 06:34 GMT Godlieb
GREAT . . .
Mar 05 2008 20:37 GMT kajjiek
like this shot ... very beautiful
Apr 13 2008 11:25 GMT tomf148
Very nice shot
Oct 12 2008 03:55 GMT darya4
Superb - fascinating color - Fall is my fav season.
Oct 16 2008 04:48 GMT karlbark
I have to admit that itīs not my favourite season, though.
Well, although that depends on where Iīm at! :-)
I have lived a lot in Scandinavia (this picture is taken in Norway) -and I love the fall there!
But here in Iceland itīs usually rather cold, wet and windy. (Sort of like....now!) ;-)