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Hi guys & gals :-)

Well, here is an upload from one of the highlights of my summer.
-I got to take a flight in this beautiful, polished DC-3. -A very scenic flight over some of Norway´s wonderful seaside tracts.

I´ve been dealing with my rather unreliable ;-) health after the summer was over...
...and also I have had internet service provider problems (I have changed ISP firms, so...no internet while that was being fixed) (*moan*)
And, as you may have heard on the news, the whole Icelandic banking system has come crashing to the ground - so an aircraft picture is appropriate, I think ;-)
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 11 2008 21:16 GMT marijke06
great angle....nice light
Oct 11 2008 21:16 GMT bazooker
fine sot!
Oct 11 2008 21:17 GMT marijke06
some money left for you?...:)
Oct 11 2008 21:19 GMT JPHarr
Good news on the fun you have had, bad news on the health, good news on the ISP ~ or not. =( Bad news on the financial systems of the world, but good news that this is an awesome machine! I love that formed metal the way all the parts are fastened. Nice shot! Is this the one you got to fly? Lucky!
Oct 11 2008 21:37 GMT Midworlder PRO
Superb, I don´t want to deal with banking (my job) until my holiday finishes, I refuse to let it spoil the good times !
Oct 11 2008 21:50 GMT tailhunter
Can be short, a beautiful picture!!!
Oct 11 2008 23:13 GMT aquiles PRO
SUPERM IMAGE !!!!!!!!!
Oct 12 2008 06:15 GMT ujbanyiv
Interest Composition.
Oct 12 2008 06:25 GMT senna3
Very carefully polished indeed, great aircraft photo!
The world wide crisis hits many countries. In the Netherlands panick starts too!
Oct 12 2008 07:09 GMT Minou
Great pic !
Oct 12 2008 07:15 GMT soldier
Amazing position... magnificent lighting and great composition!
Oct 12 2008 08:09 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Beautiful picture - hope the banking troubles aren't too bad Karl.

Our Sunday papers are advising that now would be a good time to visit Iceland as the exchange rate is good.
Oct 12 2008 17:01 GMT sini
Great light and shot!:)
Oct 13 2008 15:10 GMT lizzieb
Wonderful angle and shot.

Yes it is a shame about the Icelandic banking - some of our councils in England invested in Iceland and have lost a lot of money. But, unfortunately, these things do happen. It seems to be a world wide thing at the moment. I hope your country can resolve its problems.
Oct 13 2008 15:12 GMT lizzieb
Oh sorry, I forgot to say I hope your health is a lot better now and that you were able to enjoy your flight in the DC-3. Lucky you!!!!-
Oct 13 2008 15:49 GMT LittleOurkie PRO
Sorry to hear about your health issues....and the health of the banks. We've had a hard ride in the stock market here....kind of like the ride you'd get in a DC-3 on a hot summer's afternoon! :-)

Great photo....hang in there!
Oct 13 2008 17:30 GMT beast33
love this angle!
Oct 14 2008 07:21 GMT buzu
great angle shot !!
Oct 14 2008 12:44 GMT otilia
Oct 16 2008 07:14 GMT charlotte
A lot of dutch counsils lost millions.
Its a weird world!
Love your shots, hope your health is better!
Oct 17 2008 23:17 GMT Carlota
i like it.
Oct 19 2008 09:14 GMT vladofly
Amazing shot my friend!