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Mar 22 2009 20:03 GMT kalex
Fotothing admin have found it necessary to remove most of my pictures "at the request of Google". That, ultimately, is their prerogative but they will be missing out on a LOT of potential click-through advertising views based on the number of people who viewed my shots - see Google page cache screenshot above.
Mar 22 2009 20:14 GMT Dudu911
What really happend? I do not understand friend.
What rules did you broke? Had you got a notice before?
Or is it a police site of Men In Black?
br Geza
Mar 22 2009 21:52 GMT kalex
Many of my pictures were glamour shots featuring professional glamour models in nude or semi-nude poses. Google, as the site advertisers, have requested that nude and semi-nude shots are removed from fotothing. This was done to me, and others, without warning. Most of these shots have been on the site for months, some for years without any problem. Ironically they will still appear in Google as they are also posted elsewhere.
Apr 05 2009 17:07 GMT redtusker
I do not post nudes and dont usually look at them(age 66) but I hate that others tell me what I can look at or post. Wish I could do more than closing my account here. Best of luck.
Jun 04 2010 11:51 GMT Dudu911
It is the worst behavior what admin right can provide! Gratulation FT!