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jiang on bicycle, photo taken from the 14th floor
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Comments on this photo:

May 15 2014 21:59 GMT julie13
Great perspective. Not a fan of heights but I wanted to photograph the motorway from the bridge that crosses. Never again. My legs turned to jelly and the cars passing underneath made me feel dizzy. Took some photos though that turned out OK but I wont be doing that again :)
May 15 2014 22:06 GMT clintonfolks
great photo.!
May 16 2014 05:57 GMT junne PRO
fortunately i find heights addictive. and here it is a blessing, no mosquitoes, and always a slight breeze through the apartment, so we hardly ever need the air condition.
May 16 2014 07:30 GMT hans55 PRO
great angle !!
May 16 2014 08:19 GMT RTW
Nice view, I thought you lived on the 18th floor.
May 16 2014 10:31 GMT Papagena
She will never know becoming a bicyclist star on FT !! ;+))
May 16 2014 13:53 GMT Lalbabu
Fine shot from 14th floor !!!!
May 16 2014 21:00 GMT junne PRO
ha ha, fading memory, reg. 14th since 8 years. and the building doesn't have more than 16 :-)))
May 25 2014 17:40 GMT larrybenedict
I've been thinking you live on the 13th floor. Perhaps you are moving up in the world or perhaps there is no 13th floor, which makes floor number fourteen actually the 13th floor??? I'm glad you mentioned the thing about no mosquitos up that high....I had no idea! A nice breeze also lowers the humidity---either that or when the humidity is low, there is a nice breeze. :-))) 94ยบ in N. Florida right now (1:39 PM)---feels like 93 due to 31% humidity and a 4 mph breeze from the NE.