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Comments on this photo:

Apr 02 2009 00:47 GMT larrybenedict
I'd like to know something about this place Junne. Lots of vines on the roof...is this a place along the 'Great Wall' or abandoned or what? I like the photo.
Apr 02 2009 05:30 GMT junne PRO
funny that you picked this one. i almost accused someone of stealing my picture, only it turned out that he even remembered much better where he took it, than i. :-)))
this is on a mountain near kunming, china. he took it exactly from the same angle, i had asked photopro to look at it and he pointed out some differences. it was hard to believe. his fotothing name is hmbpa (in capitals) so if you want more info go to him, he is way more organized than i and he takes notes, i am a slob when it comes to that. but i still think it strange because i went off the beaten path to find this . so did he.
Apr 03 2009 00:46 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks for the reply Junne. I'll check out HMBPA's photos to see if I can find it.
Apr 03 2009 00:55 GMT larrybenedict
I checked out Harvey's photo, and even though it was uploaded about the same time as yours, it's definitely a little different.
Apr 03 2009 05:09 GMT junne PRO
yes,larry, after i had found out that he didn't steal my photo i have discussed it with him and he actually enlightened me where we took it. small world!!!
Aug 13 2010 01:21 GMT EveCN
love this one!