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ah ting now
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 15 2012 11:02 GMT senna3
As beautiful as ever!
Oct 15 2012 11:14 GMT anko
beautiful portrait!
Oct 15 2012 14:00 GMT EveCN

new style :-)
Oct 15 2012 14:06 GMT Lalbabu
Nice spot light effect on her face !!!
Oct 15 2012 14:24 GMT wijnie58
Lovely portrait..:-))
Oct 15 2012 15:36 GMT Myshots
Very beautiful portrait image.....
Oct 15 2012 21:26 GMT larrybenedict
Is the curl in her hair (at the ends) the result of curlers? Glad she is letting that red color grow out.
Oct 16 2012 05:04 GMT junne PRO
no she doesn't use curlers, i bet it is done at the beauty parlor. like a touch of permanent. i will ask her. it is actually my fault, i sent her to a hair dressing school.
Oct 17 2012 22:00 GMT annaschnitfink
Lovely and very serious portrait of ah ting!
Good (by the way) that you sent her to a hair dressing school. Did she finish this education? I hope so!
Oct 18 2012 04:01 GMT junne PRO
no,, she had an argument with a new instructor and dropped out in the last week.
i am actually glad she did. i hate the hairdressers who mess up beautiful strong black hair and bleach, curl, burn and ruin so much beauty!
Oct 18 2012 04:03 GMT junne PRO
larry, after i asked her, i found out that it is only curled some of the time as a result from shaping it into a knot during the hot summer months. then when she lets it down it looks curled, but only for the day.
Oct 18 2012 09:27 GMT annaschnitfink
Dear Guenther: I completely agree that so much natural beauty - see your above picture - should not be messed around with! What I meant to say is that it would be good for ah ting to have a profession so that she - should it be necessary - can provide for her own living.
Oct 18 2012 22:00 GMT junne PRO
we are working on that :-)))
Oct 28 2012 12:37 GMT marioalbertina
Lovely Chinese girl!
Oct 30 2012 10:06 GMT bluefam
so pretty.