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Junne's Fotothing

paradise is right here and now, ! ! ! 天堂就在这里和现在 ! ! !

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j going shopping
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 16 2014 21:37 GMT FLUMP
Nice angle...I need a huge boot for shopping, always get more than I went out for!!
Oct 16 2014 22:39 GMT larrybenedict
Did her knee heal up nicely? You know....from the storm way back when. (broken glass) Last time I saw a photo of the cut, it didn't look so good.
Oct 17 2014 12:00 GMT Papagena
Ich wollte gerade das gleiche wie Larry fragen !! Natürlich hoffe ich, dass dies nur noch eine schlechte Erinnerung ist !! So oder so alles Beste für Euch beide, Gunter !! ;+))
Oct 17 2014 15:17 GMT Lalbabu
Hope she is quite fit now.
Oct 17 2014 20:37 GMT RTW
She should be wearing a crash helmet, but she does look good in the cap.
Oct 18 2014 09:32 GMT clintonfolks
Oct 19 2014 12:23 GMT junne PRO
ha ha, you didn't wear one either , nor do i in this climate :-)))
Oct 19 2014 12:26 GMT junne PRO
there is one part of the worst cut that is still not totally healed, but she is back to exercise, yoga and cooking at home as well as driving her own bike.