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Storm is blind in one eye, has been since birth so one eye is dull but the other is bright and normal and catches a reflection.
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 27 2013 22:49 GMT will
Feb 27 2013 23:59 GMT twsottawan PRO
Catchlights in the eyes always make a standout portrait. How is the MWI with this dog. Are there prosthetics available. The eye of the Storm. My sympathies. It's awful getting old. Seems like he's still able to keep his eye on the ball or at least the camera lense. This breed, real strongbodies I'll bet.
Feb 28 2013 00:20 GMT julie13
Thankyou for your comment, When Storm was a puppy he was always bumping into things, it was how we first noticed. He started walking into branches and we even discussed with the vet about removing the eye in case he punctured it with a branch but we gave him a bit longer to adjust and now he is 5 he manages fine. He still occasionally bumps into things and when you throw his ball, throw it to his left and he is fine but he can spot a picnic from the other side of the park with his good eye :)
Feb 28 2013 01:06 GMT 25barb
Magnificent photo and as twsottawan says... catch light always makes a standout
Photo.. and you did it well
Beautiful dog and one can feel your love for the animals
Feb 28 2013 05:36 GMT Annamaria
He is a beautiful dog with a friendly ook! I am sure you give him the happy house to live... which he deserves! Good for you that you didn't return him as a puppy.... some people would have done that!
Feb 28 2013 11:44 GMT siltyg
Thats a smashing portrait Julie
Feb 28 2013 11:54 GMT Myshots
Beautiful shot and notes about this handsome dog....
Feb 28 2013 12:19 GMT julie13
Thank you for your comment, he is actually one of my dogs puppies one of 12, we watched them all being born and Jason was only 3 at the time and he decided within a few hours which one he wanted to keep, Storm was so much bigger than his siblings but If I had to choose, the blind eye would have endeared me, I think that is why I have bearded dragons with feet missing, toes missing, I feel sorry for them and I just have to bring them home. :)
Feb 28 2013 14:36 GMT Hanny50
Wonderful dog and life story of him, great reflection!!
Feb 28 2013 15:48 GMT clintonfolks
great photo.!! wonderful that he has you to take care of him...
Feb 28 2013 17:36 GMT wijnie58
What a lovely picture of Storm, Julie..:-))
Binkie have also we call it staar...But Binkie will be 14 years old..:-))
Feb 28 2013 17:58 GMT elsje323
beautiful portrait of Storm
Mar 01 2013 08:22 GMT Annamaria
I already knew you are a true animal lover Julie! Your reply prooves that too!! Good for you!! ;-))
Mar 01 2013 11:45 GMT hans55 PRO
those eyes !! ... who can ressist them ! :-)
Mar 01 2013 18:33 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
He's a beautiful and obviously happy boy, and - like all your pets - very fortunate!
Mar 02 2013 15:34 GMT pauli3522
poor doggie...it seems a catarata in his eyes...great that he can see withthe other eye..