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Sad Scooby :(

Keeping reptiles is a learning curve and I am fast learning they get set in their ways. Just before christmas I moved Scooby to the conservatory, giving me a bit more room in the kitchen. Digit, my other dragon loves it out there, he sits glued to the TV, loves it when Jason is jumping about playing XBox, watches the sky and trees from the window, challenges the dogs through his glass, but not Scooby, he has gone into a sulk, very down, is off his food. He perks up when he comes out but soon gets miserable when back in his tank, so tomorrow he is going back into the kitchen. I thought he would like a garden view because he likes to sit on the windowsill looking out, but this change was not for him. So my plan for shelves in my kitchen is now shelved :)
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 11 2013 20:59 GMT 25barb
A fabulous close up...We all have our ways and it is best or him to be happy.
Great photo...wonderful details and lighting
Jan 11 2013 21:10 GMT georgygirl2
at least he knows what he wants! lol
Jan 11 2013 21:34 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Lovely portrait of Scooby, and I hope he'll soon be smiling again!
Jan 11 2013 21:55 GMT junne PRO
a wonderful portrait of this beautiful face. the sharp texture is splendid.
i have been attracted to reptiles all my life long.
Jan 11 2013 23:06 GMT hans55 PRO
a great portrait Julie .... i never realised that they are so sensible !!
Jan 12 2013 04:23 GMT pauli3522
i like this portrait.....he seems a nice pet
Jan 12 2013 08:11 GMT ednap PRO
Nice shot. I have a male and female of these too.
Jan 12 2013 20:36 GMT wijnie58
Wonderful portrait of Scooby..:-))
Jan 16 2013 23:49 GMT mellie
Scooby is very lucky to have such wonderful people to look after his comfort. I've learned quite a bit from you, Julie about bearded dragons.
Jan 17 2013 00:22 GMT janos
Lovely Lovely Lovely !!! :)