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I guess chasing hoppers is hard work, so I suppose a massage is required :)

Two of my girls, also sisters, Willow and Tarja.
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 09 2013 18:52 GMT clintonfolks
Feb 09 2013 18:55 GMT bandsix
What a cracking photograph!! Hope the physiotherapy does the trick!
Feb 09 2013 19:41 GMT 25barb
Great photo and comments. Nicely captured...
Keep the massages coming....
Feb 09 2013 20:31 GMT annieann PRO
wonderful pic
Feb 09 2013 21:48 GMT hans55 PRO
great double portrait !!
Feb 10 2013 00:12 GMT will
Feb 10 2013 00:26 GMT julie13
Thank you. They are such lovely pets, there are 4 girls in that tank, one is elderly but the tank is huge so I am looking to adopt 2 more girls as females get on fine, but my 3 boys are all in separate rooms, they even challenge their own reflections. Digit, one of my boys sits happily watching TV from his tank but as soon as the TV is off he can see himself in the screen and starts spoiling for a fight, we cover the screen with a sheet to keep him calm, he also thinks he is big enough to take on my Rottweilers and seems to enjoy challenging them when the walk past his tank :)
Feb 10 2013 09:40 GMT Pea2007
What amazing creatures they are.
Feb 10 2013 14:06 GMT marijke06
I agree with pea, amazing creatures!
Feb 10 2013 15:24 GMT will
that.is.truly.amazing,julie!...i.am.really.fascinated....andalso.that.is.so.humourous.,.I.would.never.have.dreamed.all.that,!....so.interestinting.to.say.the.least,..thank.so.much,julie..)...I.wont.ask.what.his.favourite.'show'.on.tv...is....but .i.am.sure.he.must.have.some.that.are..by.the.sound.of.it!..))
Feb 10 2013 15:28 GMT wijnie58
They are beautiful, Julie...Love to see you pets..:-))
Feb 10 2013 22:28 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Super photo and caption, Julie. What wonderful little characters they must be!
Feb 11 2013 00:23 GMT martini957
Interesting creatures
Feb 12 2013 02:33 GMT pauli3522
are they white?? albins???
Feb 12 2013 12:24 GMT julie13
No not albino, a very light brown. These have just shed so they tend to be a bit lighter after that plus they had a bath earlier so they are nice and clean too :)