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It is 2.30, we watch the clock, hoping time for once will stand still.
Jessie and me have been keeping a secret, a secret too painful to tell the kids, too painful to tell hubby. They are all still grieving for Storm, so how could I watch their hearts break with the news that our baby girl Jess has cancer. Well I watched her and I knew signs would come that she was losing this battle, I knew her eyes would tell me when enough was enough.
I told Amy and Brian a few days ago, I told little Jason this morning,. I watched their hearts break all over again but I know they were better off not knowing that we were losing Jess, it has been awful looking at my beautiful Jess and knowing her time left with us was to be cut short. She is going downhill hour by hour, a very rapid decline that is wrong, so very wrong.
In an hour we will be there for the last close of her eyes. we will kiss her. tell her we love her and then let Storm take her over the bridge to a better place where she will be with her beautiful son forever, released from pain that became so obvious in the last day.
We love you so much Jess, and we will not let you linger in pain when something so beautiful awaits you. One day we will all meet at the bridge, but until then I will miss you so much, just like I miss our Stormy Boy, so you give that gentle giant a kiss from me and be free my sweet baby girl, x x x x x.

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Comments on this photo:

Jul 30 2013 14:24 GMT Lalbabu
It's heartbreaking,I share your feeling Julie !!!!!!
Jul 30 2013 15:07 GMT mellie
I am so very sorry to read this, Julie. Prayers for you and your family
Jul 30 2013 15:34 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
This is terribly sad, Julie. So sorry that you and the family have to go through all this heartbreak again.
Jul 30 2013 17:06 GMT annieann PRO
my thoughts are with you julie . just know they are at peace now xxx
Jul 30 2013 18:23 GMT bandsix
It doesn't get any easier, does it? Just know that your memories will sustain you and the knowledge that you could have done no more.....
Jul 30 2013 18:44 GMT will
Jul 30 2013 19:32 GMT elsje323
Julie this news is so sad, my thoughts are with you
Jul 31 2013 04:52 GMT Annamaria
I am reading your news with tears in my eyes.... its so sad to loose yet another of your so beloved pets!! You and your family are in my thoughts in these difficult moments, Julie!! Life can be so hard!! Jessie couldn't have find a better place to spent his life! He will know that you have done all what is possible for him and for Storm!
Jul 31 2013 07:47 GMT hans55 PRO
this is really heartbraking and i read it with tears in my eyes also ... those loyal dogs eyes ..... no words for ....
Jul 31 2013 10:46 GMT wijnie58
I agree with Hans, Julie...our thoughts are with you..:-))
Jul 31 2013 13:00 GMT georgygirl2
aww so sorry julie, they mean so much and cannot be replaced.
Jul 31 2013 23:37 GMT MargNZ
Julie I can't believe that you and the family have more sadness to endure.
My thoughts and prayers are with you x
Aug 01 2013 01:00 GMT peterpinhole
So sorry to hear about this sad news Julie. It's hard enough losing one - let alone two in such a short time. My heart goes out to you and your family for your loss.
A wonderful portrait to remember her by.
Aug 03 2013 17:49 GMT martini957
So sad.....So hard to let em' go....but thank God we do have the freedom to ease them out gently....my heart goes out to you & your family
Aug 04 2013 03:05 GMT pauli3522
so sorry for your lost julie
Aug 04 2013 03:06 GMT pauli3522
so sad that you had had lost some dogs lately..that is so sad ...just to be strong for your family.....
Aug 08 2013 20:29 GMT FRIESIAN
I feel very sorry for you Julie!! I know exactly what it means to loose such a good friend. I lost my Kyra 2 years ago and still miss her every day.
Aug 18 2013 15:29 GMT charlie26
tears are in my eyes... so sad for all of you.