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Not a good week, last week. My husband is a self-employed Locksmith.
After developing gear box problems, we had it towed to a small garage here in Slough. It was parked outside overnight when it was targeted along with the other vehicles there. This is the result...empty and burnt out. Luckily we remove most of the key equipment each night, like the key programming machines but still a lot left inside. Thankfully we are covered insurance wise, but the inconvenience and loss of work since has had an impact, but hopefully we will be up and running again in a few days thanks to my mum buying us another van and is happy to wait until the insurance payout. The police just gave us a crime number despite us telling them that whoever did it now has tools to get into houses and cars but they did not seem concerned one bit. Looks like the crime rate will go even higher.
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 04 2013 20:02 GMT 25barb
How sad... There are some who for some reason just need to destroy. I am glad that you had taken many things from the van...but as you said...police are not concerned.Too bad. It is always the innocent that suffer. Your mum must be a treasure...
Best to you and hope there is no further problem.
Mar 04 2013 20:15 GMT clintonfolks
so sad, great you have a mum to help you. !
Mar 04 2013 20:30 GMT Donjames
Sounds JUST like SA Julie.....this is normal for here.
So sorry for your loss but at least you can get back on your feet, good luck to you and your husband.
Mar 04 2013 20:40 GMT MargNZ
I am very sorry for your loss and inconvenience Julie .
Sadly this is a reflection on society the world over :(
Mar 04 2013 20:41 GMT elsje323
sad news
Mar 04 2013 22:39 GMT wijnie58
Indeed very sad news, Julie..Great work from your mother..:-))
Mar 05 2013 02:24 GMT pauli3522
this is so bad..i hope you are fine...and great that yoiur mom help you
Mar 05 2013 05:46 GMT Annamaria
So sad!! I am so sorry about this, Julie! I hope your husband will get a new van soon and get back to work..... its terrible what some people do to the belongings of someone else!!
Mar 05 2013 16:11 GMT RTW
If you were a MUSLIM Julie you would have better luck with the police.
Mar 05 2013 16:37 GMT peterpinhole
OMG Julie I'm glad you and family are OK. What a terrible thing to happen. Thank goodness for insurance.
Mar 05 2013 19:32 GMT hans55 PRO
very sad story for you Julie ... i do hope your hubbie gets back at work soon again ...what a waste this is !!
Mar 06 2013 04:50 GMT mellie
Very sorry to see this, Julie. Hopefully the people who did this will be caught.
Mar 06 2013 20:41 GMT Petermosull
OMG, just seen this image and read the sad story. I really hope everything works out well for you both real soon, your Mom is a real treasure and you must be so proud of her. The reaction of the police is unfortunately all too typical, but i guess the only positve side to that is it should mean more work for your husband.
Mar 06 2013 21:34 GMT Bellavista
yes, how sad that can happen nowadays...