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My parents kept Chows, so this was the breed I was used to while growing up. A very aloof breed, throw a ball for a Chow and if it could talk it would tell you to fetch it yourself. They will ignore visitors to your home, while keeping a very watchful eye on them. They are not the paper fetching eager to please type, they expect that from you, but they are the most loyal well behaved breed I have ever come across, quietly protective, they are known to let a burglar in but not our again. Chows have blue tongues, and the story behind it tells how when the world was created the Chow was the only dog that was allowed to eat what was left over after the sky was made. The above photo is of my very own Chow, Lady, sadly no longer with us after losing her to hip displasia in 2004. She was my kids teddy bear, and the cats furry bed :)
When I lost my second Chow bear to the same thing when he was 11 months I realized that over time the breeding of Chows had gone from breeding healthy dogs to dogs that were riddled with problems. The good breeders had retired and the last time I looked into the puppy availability there were only two puppies in the country that came from reputable breeders. That is when I started keeping Rottweilers after being harrassed by the kids to get a puppy that played ball and acted more dog like than a Chow would ever lower itself to do. What a shock to the system, chewed shoes, wires, furniture, you name it my three Rotties chewed it, but here I had found new loyalty, mouthy over the top protection that made my garden look like a war zone, no plant was spared the Rottie curiosity and each plant had to be destroyed. But each Rottie pup was my baby and still is, and all but Storm have grown up, he is very well behaved now, but he is such a big baby :)
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 05 2012 02:15 GMT beady
A nice dog. Great Image too
Aug 05 2012 02:40 GMT will
great photo and friend...interesting story too!
Aug 05 2012 02:41 GMT 25barb
What a beautiful dog. And the story is wonderful. I feel your love for all animals..
Wish more were like you.....Thank you
Aug 05 2012 12:39 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful Chow Chow.....:-))
Aug 05 2012 14:55 GMT elsje323
lovely portrait and interesting story
Aug 05 2012 18:40 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
What a lovely big teddy bear of a dog Lady must have been. It's very sad that so many dog breeders nowadays are anything but real animal lovers. No wonder that the BBC has stopped showing Crufts.
Aug 07 2012 16:20 GMT pauli3522
lovely dog